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Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows


Plantation shutters have become one of the most popular type of window furnishings for bay windows across the UK.

Shutters blend beautifully into the shape of bay windows, maintaining the perfect lines of the bay and emphasising the special aesthetics of a bay window. In doing so, shutters keep the space the bay open and clear. The result is that shutters will make your room look much more spacious.

The purpose of a bay window is to admit more light than would a window flush with the wall line. Bay windows maximise the amount of light intake in your room by increasing the surface area of the window and the exposure to direct sunlight at different times of the day. The drawback is that by this nature bay windows also potentially let more heat out through their increased surface area.

Plantation shutters are one of the most light efficient solution for bay windows than any other window coverings. By angling the louvres in your shutters you can manage the light throughout the day. A slight slant can direct the light away allowing you to enjoy the daylight without glare and excessive heat. Shutters are also more energy efficient. By installing shutters you are adding a layer of wood to your room insulation. Shutters help retain heat during the colder months and provide a cooler living area during the warmer ones.

The made-to-measure nature of our wooden plantation shutters means that all style of bay windows can be catered for, including Splay Bays and 90° Bays.