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The benefits of blinds in rental properties

Are you planning on renting out a property? If so, you will need to provide some basic furnishings for your tenants. Here at Bromley Blinds, we believe that fitting the windows in the property with blinds instead of curtains or drapes will improve your tenants’ experience and make life easier for you. Blinds have several advantages that make them uniquely well-suited to rental properties, as we’ll discuss in today’s blog entry.

1. Attracting tenants

The first way that blinds can help when they are installed in a rental property is by attracting tenants. Because blinds have a more rigid structure than soft window-coverings, they look neater and more presentable, which can help improve the appearance of your property. This can have a major impact on whether or not prospective tenants choose to rent your property.

2. Keeping your property clean and tidy

As the landlord, you should take all reasonable steps to ensure that your property is as hygienic as possible. Of course, your tenants should also endeavour to preserve the cleanliness of your property while they live there, but installing blinds can help them do that. They can also make the property easier to clean in the time between one tenant moving out and another moving in. Simply put, blinds are much easier to clean than curtains or drapes: because they are made from more inflexible material or from hard slats, they can be wiped down more easily and don’t have to be washed as thoroughly.

3. Improving your tenant’s quality of life

As we’ve discussed many times before, blinds can be used to control the amount of heat and light that enters a room simply by adjusting their slats (in the case of Venetian blinds) or raising or lowering the blind itself (in the case of roller blinds). Giving your tenants this level of control over their environment can improve their quality of life in your property and encourage them to stay on longer, which can benefit you and increase your profits from renting the property.

If you’re planning on renting out a property, don’t use curtains or drapes to dress the windows: check out our illustrious range of blinds instead. The advantages speak for themselves.

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