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Rocking the roller Blinds in Forest Hill

Last week we installed some coupled roller blinds at a home in Forest Hill. The bright green (Splash Vine) that was chosen was the perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen boasting exterior doors out into the garden decking area and beyond. With the correct use of colour, you can really emphasise the link between indoor and outdoor spaces, blending with plants and decorative details to keep things looking really fresh. Lifting the room with coloured rollers is such an easily installed design feature that changes the whole look and feel of an interior space. Bright colours such as this Splash Vine looks particularly effective if all your other room design details are neutral – including your walls,  which will look amazing in white when coupled with such colours.

Splash Vine Roller Blinds Forest Hill

The advantages of roller blinds

It’s good that there are so many roller blinds out there (we sell over 500 fabric designs!), as the rooms we live in vary so much in terms of their design and the mood that they create. Blinds also tick a box for functionality as well as style, and not many are more popular than roller blinds, which have been around for about 50 years. Here are some advantages to choosing roller blinds when it comes to kitting out your home.


Lending themselves to modern looks, roller blinds are aesthetically pleasing thanks to their simple, unassuming appearance. Fitting closely to the window, they blend in very well with a range of décor. You also have an almost unlimited number of designs at your fingertips, including fabrics which are translucent from a huge range of colours. You could choose fabrics designed to block out the sun, or be even more protective, giving you a ‘black out’ effect.


Such is the breadth of materials that can be used for the manufacturing of roller blinds is that they can be matched to almost any kind of room. This applies from the bathroom, to kitchens, and children’s bedrooms. Their ease of use means that kids can be trusted to learn how to use them safely. There is also an adjustability that will be behind the decision of many to purchase roller blinds rather than curtains: you control the amount of light that enters a room, and with sun screen blinds you can block out UV rays while still letting in a certain amount of light.


Any blind that is popular in commercial circles typically has the quality of durability, and this is the case where roller blinds are concerned. Roller blinds are built to last, and if you go for the motorised variety which are controlled from a central location, the process of opening and closing them has even less potential for causing wear and tear. Using strong tubes that are manufactured from steel and a high quality of fabric for the blinds themselves, roller blinds offer business and home owners the peace of mind that comes with having made a savvy investment.


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