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Responsible for a home improvements budget? Here’s a top notch way to spend your money.

London in the sunshine is pretty blissful isn’t it? It’s certainly been the perfect accompaniment to a week crammed with blinds and shutters installations! With Wimbledon in full swing and the launch of our amazing Summer Offer, this week has been a really busy one about town! Today on the blog we’re bringing another of our real home makeovers straight to your screens.
Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Forest Hill, SE London
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters to a bathroom and two reception rooms
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would be versatile in providing visually consistent window coverage to all required rooms within the client’s home. The intention was to create a bright, modern look throughout the property, using a product neutral enough in colour and design to blend with the various colour schemes featured in the different rooms.

Forest Hill Bromley Blinds Bathroom Installation Before Pic.jpgThe Solution | Plantation shutters were selected as they would create a seamless visual across all the windows, and this light control solution could be designed to perfectly fit each unique window space. Plantation shutters crafted from Perma Wood in Silk White were the perfect choice for the bathroom, which features windows that extend down to floor level. This range is waterproof and they have stainless steel hinges to avoid rust. They are also supplied with a lifetime warranty to ensure your longterm product peace of mind. We installed tier on tier bi-folding plantation shutters with 63mm louvres in the bathroom, allowing the four sections to be opened and closed completely separately from each other. This design of plantation shutters is ideal for bathrooms; privacy is key but there are also the maximum number of options available to you for controlling light ingress.

Forest Hill Finished Bathroom Installation by Bromley Blinds

Full height hardwood shutters were designed and installed on windows in the two reception rooms. A five year warranty comes supplied with these products.To provide complete continuity, plantation shutter designs for this home all featured 63mm louvres with hidden control tilt systems. This feature fully enhances the visual of open window spaces without breaking up the view by insertion of a central rod. A mid rail featured in the design of the plantation shutters for the lounge. This matched the alignment of the window panes. In both reception rooms we fitted our hardwood range in Silk White to colour match the paintwork of the window frames.

Forest Hill Living Room Makeover by Bromley Blinds

Would you like hardwood plantation shutters for your home? Don’t forget – our Summer Offer means you currently don’t even have to pay the full price for them!

Forest Hill Reception Room Makeover by Bromley Blinds

Here’s something we didn’t tell you last Summer

So, the bad news?  Our lovely Spring sale on our finest white teak plantation shutters is all but over: you only have until this Monday 30th June 2014 to redeem 25% off on our elite range.

More bad news? The summer months can be an expensive time. Whilst the better weather may tempt you to host home improvements, the costs can seem daunting alongside other priorities. What with holidays to pay for and festival season currently in full swing, quality makeovers for your home can seem destined to stay on the ‘Saving For’ list.

Until now.

Yep, it’s time for the good news! Here at Bromley Blinds we firmly believe in the mantra ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Our Spring offer may be finishing but Summer’s finally starting (yes, we’ll ignore the false starts on the weather front – now that Wimbledon has started it’s bound to be fine from here on in…)

So here it is: on the blog today we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview of a brand new, truly fantastic offer, which becomes available to you from the start of next week.

Bromley Blinds Summer Offer on Plantation Shutters 2014Want to know the finer details?
You pay for MDF shutters designed by us and WE pay for your upgrade! We will then install the improved version of your order: plantation shutters selected from our standard hardwood range. These beautiful shutters are available in six shades of white and cream, designed to blend in perfectly – whatever your decor. The best bit? In addition to your product material enhancement, your guarantee is extended too. Our standard hardwood range plantation shutters will be supplied with a 5 year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind for the cost of a significantly cheaper investment.

Whether you choose full length, café style or tier-on-tier plantation shutters, your Bromley Blinds personal home surveyor will guide you seamlessly through the planning process. We are committed to ensuring that your shutter selections are truly the best light control solutions for your home. Bromley Blinds offer free quotes, free design and free fitting. We are also never knowingly undersold and will unreservedly match any written quotation you have received for the same product specification. Our summer offer to you is exclusive and cannot be used with any other voucher or discount code.

We welcome questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us before 30th September 2014 if there is anything you’d like to ask about our shutters range on offer.

In the meantime, check out a snapshot of our recent shutter installations at homes near you.

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How to completely revamp your 2014 FIFA World Cup experience

With sweepstakes in some quarters rapidly dwindling (not to mention the disappointing result of last night’s England match), it wouldn’t be surprising if we were already a little bit jaded by this year’s 2014 FIFA World Cup. Luckily, there’s something to brighten your week, as this summer we’ve been going crazy for coloured plantation shutters! It might be the influence of seeing a host of nations play the beautiful game in their bright array of national strips, or the warmer English weather inspiring some beautiful home improvement projects. Either way, it’s safe to say that orders are at fever pitch!

So here it is, the World Cup interiors issue; our pick of some coloured plantation shutters that are inspired by the beautiful game.Brazil themed plantation shuttersGermany themed Plantation Shutters

Coloured plantation shutters make an artistic feature of your light control solutions and draw real attention to your windows. They add bursts of colour that really enhance your decor; especially ideal if you have neutral colour interiors that you want to revamp without the need for a new paint or wallpaper job.

Argentinian themed Plantation Shutters

Here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we specialise in designing and installing light control solutions that are the perfect fit for your home. All our shutters offer different options of design. Colour finish options expand to a selection of 50 stained and painted choices  in our elite range of wooden plantation shutters. Got an unusual colour in mind? No problem! We can also colour match and produce a bespoke shade of paint for your plantation shutters that will blend perfectly with your interiors.

Italy themed Plantation ShuttersWith just over a week until the 30th June deadline, our Spring offer is still giving customers 25% off our finest selection of white teak wooden shutters. As with all our products, installation is free and this range of shutters feature a 10 year and Lifetime fitted warranty. With guaranteed savings and peace of mind on offer,  there is no better time to make a colourful investment!

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The biggest problem with your child’s bedroom, and how you can fix it.

Last month, we posted this update on our Facebook page:

Bromley Blinds Facebook Status Update May 14th 2014

It sparked a lot of calls direct to our office! One of the results was this design and installation:

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Chislehurst, Kent
The Project | The installation of light control solutions in a baby’s nursery.
The Brief | Two windows needed dressing in a way that would modernise the look and feel of this bedroom and open up the window spaces, creating more space than the existing floor length curtains enabled. The focus on light control coverage was really important too. The nursery is very bright and the wealth of light flooding into it on summer evenings and then very early mornings, was proving a total distraction to normal sleeping routines. It was important that the new window dressings were able to effectively maintain a calming environment to promote rest and relaxation. Safety was also of paramount importance; it was essential that newly installed products were entirely suitable for the smallest of customers!

Bromley Blinds Before Shot: Nursery Installation

The Solution | Plantation shutters and black out blinds were designed for the nursery windows. To ensure sleep quality is maximised year-round, blackout blinds in white were neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane behind the shutter fittings, thus obscuring them from visibility unless in use. Plantation shutters were selected as they would create a seamless visual across all the windows, and this light control solution could be designed to perfectly fit each unique window space. To provide complete continuity, shutter designs all featured 63mm louvres with hidden control rods to enhance the visual of the open window spaces and fully accommodate light ingress. The colour selected for the shutters was silk white, to match the paintwork of the window frames. The nursery windows were fitted with full height shutters with a mid rail that is aligned to the design of the windowpanes. Although the dual aspect windows are separated by a small centre wall, the plantation shutters are thoughtfully designed to open out symmetrically to each side of the two windows as a whole, thus making the most of their visual effect when fully open. Shutters were supplied with a lifetime warranty and the blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee.

The Verdict | Our clients were absolutely delighted with their new plantation shutters, and ordered full sets for lounge, their own bedroom, and study to match! The special bonus (and the reason for their call to us in the first place!) has been the effect of the blackout blinds! When in action, black out blinds give such good coverage that you need a torch to see around the room. The result? Our clients no longer have a baby that wakes at 5.20am daily! In fact, the whole family has been benefitting from an extra hour and a half of sleep nightly because of this design and installation, which we are told has been worth every single penny – at least twice over!

Bromley Blinds Plantation Shutters and Black Out Blinds Nursery Installation

We love designing light control solutions for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for our smallest customers’ bedrooms, due to their exact fit and sturdy design. Unlike curtains or fabric blinds, they are difficult to swing on(!) and really easy to clean too, making them ideal for coping with curious little customers! Plantation shutters give excellent coverage and the blackout blinds that can accompany them are all in complete compliance with the latest EU Child Safety regulations. For more information on how our products protect your children, read here.

Shutter selections for your child’s room can be really varied. We particularly love bespoke colours that are matched to bright interiors, as they make a real feature of the windows in a room. To look at more children’s bedroom design inspiration, follow our board over on Pinterest.

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Unusual window designs? We love them (and you should too!)

We’ve enjoyed a week crammed to the rafters with unusual window designs. Last Saturday saw our fitters complete a special installation in South West London, which has been selected as this week’s featured project.

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A private home in Wimbledon, SW19.
The Project | The design and installation of plantation shutters in a bedroom featuring panoramic floor to ceiling windows.
Floor to Length ceiling unusual window: before Bromley Blinds installation started at a home in Wimbledon The Brief |  Light control system coverage would entirely compliment the ultra modern floor to ceiling window spaces. Selected designs would provide a different perspective by creating a private and luxurious resting environment for our client. Creating privacy was of particular importance; a bath is also a feature of this bedroom and it is situated directly in front of the floor to ceiling windows, which adjoin an external balcony. The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that didn’t involve fitting really high curtains or blinds that would block out light. Panoramic windows are an outstanding feature of the property and it was important that they remained so. The selected light control solutions were to promote the unusual window shape and fully utilise the benefits of its roof glass element, allowing for a wealth of natural light to flood the room.
Plantation Shutter installation to Floor to Ceiling unusual window: during the project The Solution | We installed  premium hardwood plantation shutters, incorporating a balcony door cutout. The custom colour for the whole design was Sapele. A mix of 63mm louvres (designed for the window plantation shutters) and 89mm louvres (for the roof windows) were incorporated into the design. The finished project features antique brass hardware astragal doors, with spring loaded catches at the top and hinges at the bottom. An electronic remote control manages the tilt system of the angled roof windows.
Plantation shutters for an unusual window. Hardwood shutters with door cutout in custom colour with a mix of 63mm (windows) and 89mm (roof) louvres and electronic remote controlled louvres. Roof doors with spring loaded catches.Hardwood shutters for unusual windows. Featuring a door cutout in custom colour with a mix of 63mm (windows) and 89mm (roof) louvres and electronic remote controlled louvres. Roof doors with spring loaded catches.

How To Solve Issues with your Outside Space?

In one word: Awnings. Here at Bromley Blinds HQ we aren’t letting anything dampen our spirits, especially this week’s weather. Alongside our design and fitting of interior blinds and plantation shutters, we’ve also been very busy transforming outside spaces for our clients.

 Screenshot 2014-04-23 22.00.15
The LocationDulwich, South East London.
The Project |  The installation of an awning to the rear of a privately owned residential property.
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that wouldn’t block out light entering the property from the southerly facing garden. This would enhance the available raised patio space, creating a new exterior ‘room’ facility at the rear of the property, from which the client could enjoy the high vantage point looking out over their additional lower level garden space.

Before & During Dulwich Awnings Project by Bromley Blinds

The Solution | To provide ultimate flexibility, we designed and installed a manual cassette awning with an operating crank handle. The selected fabric used for this bespoke product was Satler Lumera Fantastic, in Tortola White. The awning was 5m in width with a 14 degree angle tilt and a maximum outward projection of 3m.

Finished Dulwich Awnings Project by Bromley Blinds

Awnings are guaranteed to make the most of your outside spaces this spring and summer. Here are five reasons why you should be considering them:

  1. They create the perfect environment for a Stay-cation. With more Londoners than ever choosing to ditch far-flung holiday destinations in favour of rest and relaxation in their own dwellings, there’s been no better time to bring the holiday vibes direct to your own home. Awnings redefine your outdoor living space, providing coverage over a patio area that effectively creates an additional room in your external space.  Their installation can even create an outdoor office if you are able to work from home and wish to embrace the opportunity to enjoy fair weather and a different perspective as you work.
  2. They offer protection from the sun. Awnings offer shade and shielding from harmful UV rays, allowing you to relax under their cooling coverage even in the hottest weather conditions. They also provide protection to furniture placed beneath them, as well as shading features of their adjoining internal room, such as curtains, blinds and carpets which can be irreversibly damaged by strong sunlight.
  3. They create cover on rainy days. Under awnings, your garden remains accessible as an enjoyable outdoor space when you’ve the protection from rain showers and wind. The unpredictable nature of British weather can mean that a meal or activity outdoors can be disrupted if the weather changes for worse; with awnings adjoining your home this isn’t an issue.
  4. They are a great investment. Awnings are a simple extension with a host of benefits. With a simple installation, they create a new space without the need for major remodelling of your home, avoiding a request for planning permission and disruption to the interiors of your property. They protect your windows from the elements, and provide cover for your outdoor furniture, helping to ensure its longevity and avoid the need for premature replacements through wear and tear through exposure to the elements.
  5. They are architectural eye candy for your home. Creating a relaxing ambience, awnings really enhance outdoor space and make patios look fit for purpose as real assets to a home. Their installation can also make a property appear bigger externally. Awnings are designed and fitted on a completely bespoke basis, to suit the specific needs of each client. All colours, shapes and sizes are designed with quality, hardwearing polyester powder coated fabrics that provide UV protection and are structurally wind resistant up to Beaufort 6. They’re designed with sturdy aluminium frames that are corrosion resistant and highly durable.

Our awnings are designed with great functionality and ease of control as key features. They can be manually operated or automatically retractable, with a range of available angle tilts.  If desired, they can also be designed to lie flat across the top of a space to provide even greater sense of room. Whether you’d like a small domestic design or a large bespoke commercial canopy featuring a full electric operating system, Bromley Blinds have the awnings solution for you.

Everything you need to know about our new addition

Spring is upon us and the home makeover season is in full swing! From Venetian or Roller Blinds to Plantation Shutters and Awnings to adorn your garden, we’ve been designing and installing the whole spectrum of light control products for our clients across London and the South East of England.

At Bromley Blinds we pride ourselves on the highest levels of product service and customer care. It’s safe to say we take making new staff appointments really seriously. So, the good news? We’ve just welcomed a new member to our talented installation team! Nick has over 7 years of experience as a highly skilled carpenter and joiner, working for a very well known fitting department that were awarded a FIRA Gold Award for installation. (Yes, exactly the kind of expert fitter you’ll want when investing in light control solutions for your home or office).

Bromley Blinds Installation Team Member

We caught up with Nick at one of his first fitting jobs, where we learnt about his love of Asia – (he’s just returned from a blissful trip to Thailand and the Philippines), cycling, martial arts and his upcoming Tough Mudder challenge (yikes!)

On location with members of our installation team, we took the opportunity to capture our fitters in action! They installed full height plantation shutters to a lounge window, which was part of one of our whole home projects. Check out the video below:

The verdict? Here’s what our client said on twitter, you can see their full review here.

 Bromley Blinds Twitter Review

Check us out on our blog again soon – we’ll have lots of details coming up about the whole Bromley Blinds team, plus news of some more special offers

What Would the World Look Like without our Spring Offer?

To be honest, we’re not keen on finding out. It would be like mismanaging a lonely hearts column for windows seeking new light control companions. DEPRESSING. Luckily, a lot of our customers can’t bear the thought of their windows remaining lonely either. This month is no exception; we’ve been welcomed into many of your homes to make introductions and fit life-long solutions that are making your windows smile.

This week’s blog post showcases another real home recent project, featuring products currently available to clients via our Spring Offer.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 22.00.15

The Location | A private home in London SE12.
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters in newly refurbished bedrooms, bathroom and a dressing room.
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would be versatile in providing visually consistent window coverage to all upstairs rooms within the client’s home. The intention was to create a bright, modern look throughout the property, using a product neutral enough in colour and design to blend with the various colour schemes featured in the different rooms. With large bay windows in two of the bedrooms; the special element of this project was the arched window featuring a sunburst finish in the top floor bedroom. This meant that the chosen light control product must not obliterate the unusual window shape or block out natural light.

Plantation Shutters for Arched Window with Sunburst Feature
The Solution | Hardwood shutters were designed and installed on windows for all the upstairs rooms. Plantation shutters were selected as they would create a seamless visual across all the windows, and this light control solution could be designed to perfectly fit each unique window space. To provide complete continuity, shutter designs all featured 63mm louvres with hidden control rods to enhance the visual of open window spaces and fully accommodate light ingress. In the dressing room and bedrooms we fitted our elite range of premium hardwood shutters finished in Ivory Lace to colour match the paintwork of the window frames. The two bedrooms featuring the large bay windows were fitted with full height shutters with a mid rail that is aligned to the design of the windowpanes. In the bathroom we fitted moisture resistant tier on tier shutters in Bright White to complement the three-piece suite and paintwork. This design features stainless steel hinges to avoid rusting and the shutters were supplied with a lifetime warranty to guarantee the quality of their investment.

Full Height Plantation Shutters for Bay Window
The Verdict | Describing herself as “Over the moon” with her new window installations, our client Karen is now making a further order of elite range teak plantation shutters! These include a set designed for her brand new bathroom. This new commission will see us design and fit plantation shutters to all downstairs rooms so that they match the upstairs windows that have already received a Bromley Blinds makeover. We’ll be back with the second chapter of this project soon!

Simple Steps to Totally Rocking Gable Windows

Screenshot 2014-04-23 22.00.15
Here at HQ we LOVE unusual windows. There’s always a buzz in the office when a special project is commissioned. Our design team members are fascinated by projects that feature a twist in the brief; windows that have taken a side step away from convention are the most enjoyable challenge!

This week’s featured special project is no exception: a house situated in the East End of London, a host of lovely refurbished rooms requiring light control solutions, and one particular space that just screamed sensational. We’ll be featuring only this special space within today’s blog post, because this particular project, all on its own – was quite unusual enough!

The Location | A private home in Limehouse, London E14
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters in a newly refurbished master bedroom
The Brief | Gable windows in a master bedroom to be dressed in a way that would entirely compliment the huge window spaces, providing a private, restful environment for our client. The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that didn’t involve fitting really high curtains or blinds that would block out light. The design of the huge window was to be celebrated too; gable windows are an outstanding feature of the property and it was important they remained so. Selected new window dressings were to promote the unusual window shape and the wealth of natural light that floods the room.

Limehouse work in progress polaroid .jpg

The Solution | Plantations Shutters from our Signature range, crafted in premium hard wood, were finished in pure white and designed with a mixture of central and offset tilt rods within the different sections. Under the triangular gable, the window’s lower tier features full-length shutters in bi-folding sections.  These open out symmetrically to each side of the gable window as a whole, thus avoiding imposing section divisions. This detail also enables the bi-folding sections to open fully on the doors, allowing easy access onto the balcony.

Limehouse finished project .jpg

The 63mm louvres on these plantation shutters really enhance the light created by such a large gable window. Attention to detail has been essential; if consideration had not been applied to the tilt rod placement, such fixtures could have detracted significantly from the visual effect and reduced the openness of the beautiful huge window space. This design of plantation shutters is a great option for bedrooms, offering both privacy and enjoyment of natural light.

Do you have an unusual window that needs a makeover? For a limited period, our Spring Offer is still available.


5 Horrible mistakes you can make with plantation shutters

Screenshot 2014-04-30 14.44.32
The majority of our real home and office projects feature a product changeover in light control solutions e.g. moving from curtains dressing windows to plantation shutters. Other projects plan light control solutions for previously undressed windows, such as those created by a building refurbishment.

Then there have been some recent SOS missions, (Sorting Out [Existing] Shutters). Bromley Blinds surveyors have been asked to visit prospective clients who have unfortunately made a mistake whilst attempting DIY plantation shutters fitting and installations, or – even worse, have previously employed the services of another business who have failed to deliver the desired results.

Unfortunately, this can be costly. The remedial work involved to correct plantation shutter errors can often totally undermine a client’s original intentions to complete a low-cost installation.

Here’s our roundup of 5 horrible mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1. Incorrect measurements. No window is a perfect square or rectangle. Unlike measuring up roller blinds or curtains that don’t require an exact fit, the surveying process for plantation shutters requires very skilled measurements. In order to fit perfectly (and stay that way over time), a plantation shutter cannot be measured incorrectly in excess of even a millimetre in order to ensure its total success as an effective light control solution. Here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we complete surveys on your home twice in preparation for ordering your bespoke plantation shutters. We initially visit prior to submitting your initial quotation and then once again at the point of precisely measuring up the agreed product. Our checking process is strictly monitored and reviewed, and undertaken only by our highly trained surveyors who form part of our experienced product design team.

2. Selection of the wrong shutter construction type. Check the construction type of your chosen plantation shutter product. Variation can be found in every part of a shutter’s anatomy. Material selections, joints, tension systems and hardware finishes are integral to the effectiveness of your shutters. Each window requires review as different shutter types have totally individual strengths and weaknesses that dictate their suitability. Got it wrong? You could be staring at sagging shutters on a big window which can’t take the strain of protecting your panes.

3. Purchases that don’t consider window environment. Is your shutter required for use in a bathroom? If so, you’ll need a range that is waterproof and has stainless steel hinges to avoid rust. Looking for coverage of a window space that’s continuously sun-kissed? You’ll need a specially crafted range that won’t warp in the heat. Purchase plantations shutters that are designed to be suitable for your particular window environment. Always employ the services of a business that sells a large selection of shutter ranges that are suitable for all different purposes. One or two types stocked by some businesses most definitely do not provide a best-fit for all.

4. An unreliable warranty. Designed and installed correctly, plantation shutters are a real asset to your home. As a fitted fixture, they should contribute to its added value. Your plantation shutters should be supplied with a comprehensive guarantee that supports their quality. Any business that does not offer this is immediately questionable. Remember, too, that a warranty is only good as long as the business that provided it is still in existence and therefore remains accountable to its promise. A business that seems too good to be true can unfortunately often be the first to become a quickly dissolved company.

5. Reliance on an inaccurate installation. Think you’re cut out for designing and installing plantation shutters to your home? Beware of the pitfalls before you pick up a drill. High-up locations, hard to reach windows and unforeseen awkward angles have all been reasons that we’ve received phone calls from members of the public in a big panic. Unfortunately, even if you’ve correctly measured up and received your delivery of bespoke shutters successfully, the prospect of fitting them can loom ominously. They’re a significant investment and non-returnable if things go wrong. The best solution is to ensure you have a reputable and experienced company sizing up and installing your shutters. At Bromley Blinds we offer survey, design and installation as entirely free services. You pay only for your chosen products. We are also never knowingly undersold and will unreservedly match any written quotation you have received for the same product specification.