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Here’s another reason to LOVE December

It’s out with the old and in with the new this Monday lunchtime! We love the fact that so many clients took us up on the autumn offer: 25% off our elite range of teak plantation shutters. That fabulous deal ended yesterday, having served up shutters to many homes and offices throughout London and the South East. From Acton to Wimbledon, our installations team have been all over!

December has arrived and we love that it’s finally acceptable to enter a festive decoration frenzy! We’re teaming up with you all by announcing a gift for your windows this Christmas. From today, we’re offering 25% off selected ranges of our Blinds and Curtains.

25% off LOVE Blinds & Curtains offer by Bromley Blinds

The finer details?

Our offer includes ranges of Venetian, Roller and Vertical Blinds, plus Curtains. Perhaps you’ve already got a colour scheme in mind and are raring to go with your selections. Maybe you’re not sure about all the options available for your windows and would love to receive some no-obligation creative guidance about all your different light control options? Either way, give us a call; our surveyors are more than happy to assist.

Whether you choose our awnings, canopies, blindscurtains or shutters, at Bromley Blinds we promise that every step of your bespoke home improvement service will be expertly managed in a totally personal, stress-free manner. It goes without saying that our customer service is highly organised, courteous, polite and professional at all times. We are highly committed to designing and installing light control solutions of the highest possible quality.

Benefit from our commitment to you

At Bromley Blinds, we think it’s essential to support customers long-term; every product design and installation is accompanied by a guarantee. For many of our product ranges, this is a lifetime warranty, which ensures that investment in our products gives clients complete peace of mind.

How to create curb appeal (that’ll extend beyond Christmas)

Yes, we said it. The C word. Sorry. Love it or loathe it, the festive period is beckoning.  With Christmas trees and sparkling reindeer installations (not to mention the numerous Santa’s about to get stuck into chimneys all over London and the South East),  it’s the time of year that we all start paying particular attention to the curb appeal aspect of our homes.

The search will soon begin for the ultimate tree to light up the lounge. However,  it seems that a lot of people are looking a little further than Christmas. No, we’re not talking gloomy (dreaming of The Maldives) January…much, much further. We all love making rooms in our homes look fabulous, but for many, the autumn months are proving an ideal time to spruce up exteriors (and no, this time we’re not talking about the Norway variety).

Fact is, some windows and their accompanying external brickwork could do with some TLC (Truly Lovely Curb-appeal).

So, ready for the best bit? When you install Plantation Shutters to your windows it’s like a 2-for-1 deal: your home’s exterior gets a facelift too!

Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what a few of our customers (and passer-bys!) are saying:

Plantation shutters offer curb appeal - A customer review Plantation shutters offer curb appeal - A customer review Plantation shutters offer curb appeal - A customer review Plantation shutters offer curb appeal - A customer review

We consider customer feedback completely essential. It constantly monitors our continuing efforts to maintain the highest possible standards of product quality and customer service. To ensure that this process is completely unbiased, we outsource to an external company that requests feedback on our work. Feefo Reviews are gathered anonymously, from our genuine customers.

Need further convincing about the importance of curb appeal? Here’s a Plantation Shutters installation we did earlier this week:

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Bromley, South East London.
The Project Brief | Installation of light control solutions that follow a consistent theme throughout a home.
The Solution|  We installed full height Plantation Shutters to each window. These incorporated a mid rail to allow for the louvres of each of the two sections to be operated independently. This provides many more options for the amount of light ingress and privacy. The shutters were crafted in Hardwood, with 63mm louvres. They were finished in Silk white and completed with a hidden tilt so they require no central control rod to operate them. Plantation Shutters a provide consistent solution to every room by enhancing coverage internally. Externally, plantation shutters installed at every window create a seamless visual. The style really modernises the look and feel of the house.

Increase your home's curb appeal with Plantation shutters by Bromley Blinds Increase your home's curb appeal with Plantation shutters by Bromley Blinds Increase your home's curb appeal with Plantation shutters by Bromley Blinds

A makeover could be the best present you give your house for Christmas this year (and our guarantees on every product mean that it’ll last for many more to come!) Top tip: Shutters also give excellent coverage from the great outdoors when those flashing lights just opposite – at number 36, are getting a little too distracting…


We’re sizing up your shapes

Owning unusual or ‘awkward’ windows that need sizing up can seem a bit daunting, like going to the doctors.

As a prospective client, you might be concerned that there are no light control products that could possibly fit the shape of your windows. Panic not, we’ve seen it all before. Fact is, it doesn’t matter what size or shape your windows are. There is always a solution.

Our surveyors have experience in sizing up windows (to 0.25 of a mm!) and advising on light control products for thousands of homes and offices. Chuck in house boats, school buildings, gothic churches and some really unusual high-rise commercial properties; we’ve literally had experience sizing up every type of window going.

Here’s the good news:

Q. What’s one thing all these windows that need sizing up have in common?

A. 100% suitability for hosting Plantation Shutters.

The majority of sizing up jobs we see are straight ‘up and downs’, or bay windows (which are one of our BIG specialities for plantation shutter installations). Truth is, we love a challenge and can make plantation shutters work for you, whatever the size and shape of your windows and/or the number of awkward angles you want to throw at us.

Here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we specialise in designing and installing light control solutions that are the perfect fit for your home. All our shutters offer different options of design. Colour finish options expand to a selection of 50 stained and painted choices  in our elite range of wooden plantation shutters. Got an unusual colour in mind? No problem! As well as sizing up your windows, we can also colour match your interiors and produce a bespoke shade of paint for your plantation shutters that will blend perfectly with your interiors.

Keen to invest in light control products before the festive season really kicks in?

Remember, until 30th November 2014 we are pleased to offer you an incredible 25% off our elite shutters range. Our finest selection of white teak wooden shutters feature a 10-year and Lifetime fitted warranty, ensuring that your selection of products from this stunning range is well worth the investment. Your orders for these have been flying into the workshop; don’t miss out.

Sizing up: window shapes suitable for Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds



Where will these footballers be one year from now?

We watched footballers in action this weekend! On Saturday morning a few members of our team were delighted to travel to the Glebe training ground at Foxbury in Chislehurst. Here, Bromley Blinds offered their support to the U12 and U13 Bromley Schools’ Rep squads as they completed a training game ahead to prepare for their competitive fixtures this term.

We are thrilled to announce that Bromley Blinds are the new sponsors of the U12 and U13 teams of the Bromley District Schools’ Football Association Schools Rep squads for the 2014/15 season.

Who are the footballers & how are they selected?

School boy representatives from 16- 18 schools in the Bromley Borough are trialled and selected to form the Bromley District Schools’ Football Teams. The teams for each age group are coached and managed by Proinfinity Coaching. Each team plays around 20 ‘competitive’ games per season, in addition to ‘friendly fixtures’ -training matches that are designed to hone their playing skills. The teams play in the Kent Football League Competition, The South East England Cup and The National Association of Football Cup.

Kickstarting success

The Bromley District Schools’ Football Association can provide players with a fantastic opportunity to progress into higher level football. The best players in Bromley are asked to represent Kent as footballers. This selection can then lead onto being chosen for the England School Boys Team. Previous players in the Bromley District squad have honed their skills enough to be able to enjoy careers in professional football.

Footballers: Bromley District U12/U13 Squads sponsored by Bromley Blinds

Bromley Blinds are very proud to be sponsoring the Bromley Schools Football Association Under 12 and Under 13 squads. We really enjoyed our trip to The Glebe to watch the teams in action. It was great to see the new football strip that our sponsorship has provided, plus hear that our contribution is covering the hire of pitches, funding of referees and assistants, travel to the fixtures for all team managers and post match refreshments.

We are looking forward to charting the progress of both football teams this season; very best of luck to all the players!

To view pictures of the team in action yesterday, head over to our Instagram account.


All treats, no trickery.

All Treats, No Trickery, By Bromley Blinds

We’ve covered a house of horrors here on the blog before. This week’s theme is of course Halloween, but we’re focusing on treats rather than trickery. We’ve plucked our favourite light control products from Pinterest to create a ‘Halloween Hues’ home inspiration look-book, room by room. Think oranges for pumpkins, black and mahogany browns for witches and wizards, and reds for bobbing apples (our favourite halloween game) – not to mention the wonderfully hot weather we’ve enjoyed today (quite scorching for this season!)

Treats: Halloween Hues by Bromley Blinds Treats: Halloween Hues by Bromley Blinds

Coloured plantation shutters make an artistic feature of your light control solutions and draw real attention to your windows. They are ideal for an interiors overhaul, especially if you want to treat yourself to a revamp of your home or office without the need for an expensive decorating job. Vertical blinds are generally a cost-effective solution, used for large windows, conservatories, patio doors and the like. They can be installed in really subtle shades, or create a colour splash that dominates a room’s colour design.

Treats: Halloween Hues by Bromley Blinds Treats: Halloween Hues by Bromley Blinds

Shutter selections bedrooms can be really varied. We particularly love bespoke colours that are matched to bright interiors, as they make a real feature of the windows in a room. To look at more children’s bedroom design inspiration, follow our board over on Pinterest.

Treats: Halloween Hues by Bromley Blinds

Treats galore

Roller blinds are truly versatile blinds: from enhancing windows with traditional curtains, to providing roof lights or black out options. We offer blackout & dim out blinds in over 600 colour & pattern choices. There’s truly something for everyone – whatever your interior design desires! If windows are the eyes of your rooms, our roller blinds will definitely make them smile.

Here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we specialise in designing and installing light control solutions that are the perfect fit for your home. All our shutters offer different options of design. Colour finish options expand to a selection of 50 stained and painted choices  in our elite range of wooden plantation shutters. Got an unusual colour in mind? No problem! We can also colour match and produce a bespoke shade of paint for your plantation shutters that will blend perfectly with your interiors.  Remember, until 30th November 2014 we are pleased to offer you 25% off our elite shutters range. Our finest selection of white teak wooden shutters feature a 10-year and Lifetime fitted warranty, ensuring that your selection of products from this stunning range is well worth the investment.

Credits: Images via Pinterest. All light control products pictured are available to order from Bromley Blinds.

It’s the weekend! Need another reason to celebrate?

clocks are changing

Who doesn’t love an hour extra in bed at the weekend?!

Tonight’s the night; this weekend it’s finally time to cosy up and enjoy Autumn. We’ve been helping clients get prepared in advance of the darker nights and frosty mornings. Our newly expanded fittings and installations team (more on these staffing developments soon!) have been working across London and the South East to enable our clients to batten down the hatches before Winter arrives on the scene.

Today on the blog we’re featuring an installation that we completed last week. We hope the ‘extra hour’ this weekend allows you some time to fit in a quick read! Unless, of course, that’s not guaranteed because you’ve got young children who might not be aware of clock changes… (see here for a remedy for this problem too!)

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Bromley, South East London.
The Project | The installation of light control solutions in a lounge.
The Brief |  The lounge in the house features a large bay window. The window needed dressing in a way that would modernise the look and feel of the lounge, open up the window spaces, and maximise options for privacy. This was particularly important due to the positioning of furniture in the living room; there is seating in front of the window that would benefit from a product that enhances coverage and promotes a feeling of rest and relaxation.

Weekend reading by Bromley Blinds

The Solution | We know there’s nothing worse than feeling like a goldfish. Standard hardwood full height plantation shutters were designed for the lounge bay window. These were finished in Pure White and featured 63mm louvres and central tilt rods. Plantation shutters were selected as light ingress can be altered in seconds. Unlike blinds and curtains, plantation shutters are installed within the window frame and don’t intrude into a room; an important consideration for spaces where uncluttered, clean lines are desired.  Although full height, we designed upper and lower sections of the shutters so that they can be independently controlled. This provides a lot of different options for usage. These tier sections were aligned with the split pane design windows.

Weekend Reading The Lounge Finished Installation by Bromley Blinds

Fact: Plantation Shutters can increase your room layout options.

Plantation shutters create coverage that can act as a virtual ‘wall’ which blocks out distractions from the outside world and maintains a really smart ‘clean lines’ external view. This means you can use previously redundant window spaces – especially handy if your space is cosy. Planation shutters are perfect for Autumn; they’re brilliant at locking out the dark nights so you can cosy up with a book or a movie completely uninterrupted. Weekend Bliss!






Beautiful bathrooms: here’s our pick of 10 of the best

We make beautiful bathrooms our business here at Bromley Blinds. Whatever your home’s interior style – be it traditional or ultra modern, plantation shutters are an ideal choice. Need inspiring? Look no further. This week we’ve delved online for some fresh inspiration and picked ten of the best beautiful bathrooms featuring plantation shutters.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

We love this luxury bathroom featuring marble wall tiling and flooring. With a roll top bath grandly positioned up on a levelled step, this design is truly spa-like serenity at home; the full height plantation shutters match the white cabinets and feature two separately controlled tiers to allow for total light control flexibility, whatever the time of day.

2. Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

Ultra -chic and sleek, these black plantation shutters match the black wooden flooring and step to the bath. The black features combine with the gloss white and modern art to create a contemporary bathroom with the wow factor.

3. Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

A two-tone paint job emphasises the architectural detailing in the master bathroom of this period house. The rich chocolate wooden flooring provides the perfect accompaniment to the white free standing bath that is the centrepiece feature of this room. This is positioned in front of a triple aspect window that is adorned with full length plantation shutters that ensure complete privacy.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

Beautifully blended design! Is there anything more alluring than a gleaming copper bathtub? Teamed with dark green paint on the walls and matching plantation shutters, this bathroom screams Art Deco heaven.

5. Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

This bathroom design is a classic. The neutral colours and classic furnishings keep the look timeless, while large bay windows – dressed to perfection by tier on tier plantation shutters,  allow for tons of natural light.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

Nautical is the name of the game with this beautiful bathroom design. The sea blue walls and hydrangeas contrast beautifully with white gloss paintwork and bathroom sink. The pure white plantation shutters  keep the ambience airy and allow in plenty of natural light.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

Autumn’s here and let’s face it: there’s no better time to cosy down with candles and enjoy a long hot soak in the bath. Are you seeking a spa-like experience in your bathroom? The outside world is forgotten with the soothing blend of these cream fittings, sage green paintwork and a host of candles. Built in shelving space and cafe plantation shutters create the cosy haven in this bathroom.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

Dove grey plantation shutters transform this bathroom into a relaxing, sophisticated space. Even in neutral shades, coloured plantation shutters have a big impact on a room’s design.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

From subtle to super striking, these plantation shutters in coral red totally transform this bathroom into something really special. White walls and furniture fittings are brightened by accessories in primary colours that promote the super chic, modern design.


Beautiful Bathrooms Featuring Plantation Shutters, Featured on Bromley Blinds

Full height plantation shutters cover doors to the exterior space of this property. This design feature has enabled the bathroom to stay beautifully bright. The style is modern with a traditional twist; the galvanised tub and white tiled wall is teamed with the retro radiator and towel rail attachment.

Why do plantation shutters make for beautiful bathrooms?

Your privacy is entirely protected. No need for frosted glass on windowpanes or closed curtains. Shutters provide total coverage and a range of options when you need it. Simply close louvres as much as you desire; partially to allow some natural light to flood through or fully for complete discretion.

You have total light control. Closing curtains or blinds means that light is totally omitted from your bathroom when you’re using it. The combinations available with plantation shutters are always guaranteed to allow you to enjoy natural light to its maximum impact. You can open them entirely, fold back certain sections, or close sections of louvres whilst keeping others open.

We’ve featured plenty of our real home bathroom projects previously on our blog. Our range of plantation shutters are waterproof, moisture resistant and feature stainless steel hinges to avoid rust. A simple wipe clean of durable shutter louvres leaves them dust and germ free and totally spotless. Our shutter ranges are designed to last, which is why they are always offered with a guarantee.

Blackout blinds? They don’t need to be boring!

The mention of Blackout Blinds can have a habit of conjuring up this kind of image…

Blackout Blinds in Acacia-Black sold by Bromley Blinds

Black coloured blackout blinds can definitely work beautifully in your home! But, did you know that we offer blackout & dim out blinds in over 600 colour & pattern choices? There’s truly something for everyone – whatever your interior design desires!

Striped Blackout Blinds Fabrics available from Bromley Blinds

Blackout Blind Fabrics Colour Blocks

Blackout Blinds Patterned Fabrics for Roller Blinds

Whether you’re home features curtains, blinds or shutters, light control products are always important, particularly in bedrooms where maintaining a calming environment is the main priority for a good night’s sleep.

Blackout Blinds Advertisement by Bromley BlindsWhen in action, black out blinds give such good coverage that you need a torch to see around the room. The result? Undisturbed sleep, whenever you’re choosing to slumber, be it day or night. This is especially useful if your house is home to young children or night workers!

It’s so  important that window dressings are able to effectively maintain a calming environment to promote rest and relaxation. Roller blinds have been showcased in this week’s blog post, but we also design blackout blinds that are teamed with your plantation shutters to provide complete light control coverage. To ensure sleep quality is maximised year-round, blackout blinds can be neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane behind your shutter fittings, thus obscuring them from visibility unless in use. All our blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee. You can read more about this here.

Are you following us on Instagram? We’ve got many more pictures of blackout blinds on here.  If you want to view our catalogue which is crammed full of material designs, feel free to contact our office to arrange a free no-obligation consultation so that you can make a completely informed interior design decision!

For fans of Pinterest, our new board features fabrics available for black out roller blinds.

Follow Bromley Blinds’s board Blackout Blind Fabrics on Pinterest.

Image Credits: Roller fabrics images are courtesy of two of our suppliers, The Fabric Box & Arena.

Revealed: how to fall in love with summer ending

With summer ending, sadly it’s time for our amazing offer on plantation shutters to officially end next Tuesday!

Bromley Blinds Summer 'ENDING SOON' 2014 Offer

Want to take advantage in these final few days? Here’s a refresher of those finer details:

You pay for MDF shutters designed by us and WE pay for your upgrade! We will then install the improved version of your order: plantation shutters selected from our standard hardwood range. These beautiful shutters are available in six shades of white and cream, designed to blend in perfectly – whatever your decor. The best bit? In addition to your product material enhancement, your guarantee is extended too. Our standard hardwood range plantation shutters will be supplied with a 5 year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind for the cost of a significantly cheaper investment.

With autumn brewing up a storm of activity, we’re geared up for more non-stop action here at Bromley Blinds HQ! As well as our recent Business Awards success, we’ve been busy welcoming new members to our team and have also begun sponsoring some really worthy projects going on in our local community (more on these developments soon!)

Today’s blog post is a sneak peek of something we’re actually planning to announce via the press. As always, our faithful blog readers get treated to it first! Here’s an exclusive preview of a brand new autumn offer, which becomes available to you from the start of next week. In celebration of our recent Which? Trust Trader Accreditation, we’re offering you the following:

Bromley Blinds Autumn 2014 Offer

For a limited time we are pleased to offer clients 25% off our elite shutters range. Our finest selection of white teak wooden shutters feature a 10-year and Lifetime fitted warranty, ensuring that your selection of products from this stunning range is well worth the investment. There are 37 stained and painted finishes on offer, but your shutters can also be custom painted on request.


They are simply the expert’s choice due to their versatility as a lightweight hardwood. Whatever the size and shape of your window, white teak’s fine and straight stable grain means that wooden plantation shutters can be fitted to pretty much any size and space. Plantation wooden shutters are of the finest quality and enhance the style of any type of room, whether your décor is vintage or modern minimalist. What other product improves natural light ingress, provides fantastic insulation, is easy to clean, great for enhanced privacy, looks impeccably stylish and poses no threat to your child’s safety due to its absence of chords or chains?

Bromley Blinds advert: One of the Best Things About Autumn

The leaves may be turning golden at this time of the year, but White Teak couldn’t be more qualified as a material relevant to a green ethos. All our plantation shutters are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified White Teak, which is one of the world’s finest quality timbers. Sustainable forests on the Solomon Islands are the source, and the plantation our elite range material originates from has held FSC certification since 1998.

We welcome questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact our office before 30th November 2014 if there is anything you’d like to ask about our finest teak shutters range.



The biggest trend we’ve seen in Chislehurst this year?

Returning Customers! We love reconnecting with previous clients and have welcomed many back to ‘current customer’ status in the past few months. Many have been benefiting from huge exclusive online offers available to the clients on our mailing list. (If you’ve missed out on recent correspondence and would like to added to our mailing list, drop us an email at office@bromley-blinds.co.uk – we look forward to keeping in touch!) This week we feature a lovely home in Chislehurst, which has been a really popular area for shutter and blinds installations over the last year  – including a lot of new orders from ‘old’ clients!

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A private home in Chislehurst, Kent. Its owners are returning customers; Bromley Blinds installed light control solutions at their previous house. It’s been great to design features at their new address!
The Project | Shutter installations in the Playroom, Lounge, Master Bedroom, Back Bedroom, Front Bedroom, Landing, Study, Top Floor Spare Bedroom, Top floor and 1st floor bathrooms, Baby’s Bedroom.

Home in Chislehurst Before Shutter Installation by Bro
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would provide a consistent theme throughout this property. The selected designs would remain sympathetic to the period features of the house and not obscure the large window designs.

The Solution| With a host of rooms to design for, it was crucial to find a light control solution that would consistently work across all floors of the house and look the same thematically but be crafted out of materials that were entirely suitable for the different room environments. In the Playroom we installed MDF S Craft Antigua, 63mm louvres in a cafe style with a central tilt and finished in creamy white. The Lounge windows and french doors were crafted in hardwood S Craft Cuba, cafe style and also featured 63mm louvres and central tilt rods in Creamy White. The french doors featured a special cut out for the handle. In a back bedroom we designed full height shutters in S Craft Cuba Hardwood, with 63mm louvres and a central tilt in Creamy white. In one of the front bedrooms  we inserted full height shutters from our MDF S Craft Antigua range. These were also designed with 63mm louvres, a central tilt and a finish in Creamy white.

Bromley Blinds Plantation Shutter Installation in a Chislehurst home Shutters by Bromley Blinds for French Doors and Bay Window Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds for Reception Room with Dual Aspect Windows and DoorRiches Bedroom with dual aspect windows

The Master bedroom featured full length plantation shutters from our MDF S Craft Antigua range. These also featured a full height blackout, with 63mm louvres and a central tilt, finished in creamy white. On the Landing shutters were also crafted from MDF S Craft Antigua, Cafe Style with 63mm louvres, and a central tilt, in creamy White. The Study featured full height shutters of the same specification. In the top floor spare bedroom, the designs were the same but with the additional benefit of full height blackouts. Likewise, the baby’s bedroom was fitted with shutters of the same specification but with the additional layer of Khaki Pleated Blackout blinds, for maximum comfort! The top floor and 1st floor bathrooms  were crafted from specialist material; S Craft Moisture resistant ABS. These were cafe style with 63mm louvres, and again featured a central tilt and a finish of Creamy White

Plantation Shutters by Bromley BlindsBathroom Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds