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Our House of Love (plus an irresistible offer)

Psssst! For those still mourning the end of the LOVE offer (especially after all that romance this weekend), our ‘House of Love’ board will give you a well-needed injection of red and pink! So, what’s happening now it’s ended?! Well, we just keep on giving and giving here at HQ! Whilst imparting top tips, the psychology of interior design and look-book inspiration, we’re also featuring amazing product offers year-round! 

Are you considering new Plantation Shutters this Spring? You’re basically in business! Keen to steer clear of colour? Our brand new offer to you is actually perfect!

MDF upgrade to hardwood offer Spring 2015 - Bromley Blinds

You pay for MDF shutters designed by us and WE pay for your upgrade! We will then install the improved version of your order: plantation shutters selected from our standard hardwood range. These beautiful shutters are available in six shades of white and cream, designed to blend in perfectly – whatever your decor. The best bit? In addition to your product material enhancement, your guarantee is extended too. Our standard hardwood range plantation shutters will be supplied with a 5 year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind for the cost of a significantly cheaper investment.

Whether you choose full length, café style or tier-on-tier plantation shutters, your Bromley Blinds personal home surveyor will guide you seamlessly through the planning process. We are committed to ensuring that your shutter selections are truly the best light control solutions for your home. Bromley Blinds offer free quotes, free design and free fitting. We are also never knowingly undersold and will unreservedly match any written quotation you have received for the same product specification. Our Spring 2015 offer to you is exclusive and cannot be used with any other voucher or discount code.

We welcome questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us before 30th April 2015 if there is anything you’d like to ask about our shutters range on offer.


Decorating? Here’s our foolproof guide to Pantone’s Glacier Gray.

PANTONE describes  its 14-4102 Glacier Gray as “an unobtrusive grey that contrasts and enhances; bouncing off other shades without taking away from them as it slips into the background to allow other colours to take centre stage. Nature’s most perfect neutral, Glacier Gray is a shade that is timeless. Quietly assuring and peacefully relaxing, Glacier Gray, is above all, constant”

Glacier Grey features as one of Pantone’s showcase colours this spring. Grey interiors are hot news in 2015; interior trends are promoting eclectic combinations and this colour works with them all, whether they be an array of pastels, brights, or natural colours. Glacier Gray’s light shade makes it the perfect choice for interiors. Grey can be used on its own as a natural hue making a subtle statement, or form the perfect accompaniment to vibrant colours such as yellow, coral and purple. With our frequent visits to many homes and offices for consultations and product installations, we’ve certainly been seeing a lot of Glacier Gray (or pots of it poised to be painted onto your walls!). This colour trend is enjoying enormous popularity in London homes and offices!

Planning a makeover this spring?

If Grey is your thing, the wonderfully unobtrusive Pantone SS15 shade makes a statement without appearing glum or overbearing. In fact, it really injects a room with its strong, yet understated tones. This is a timeless hue that works so well contrasting and enhancing other shades of colour, allowing them to be the centre of attention. Working a treat in small rooms, the inconspicuous Glacier Gray, mixed with white, really gives the illusion of more space.

Wondering what to pair Glacier Gray with?

We think this Pantone SS15 shade works brilliantly with a dark hardwood floor to add warmth. If flooring changes aren’t an option, just by adding some brightly shaded cushions or other bold room accessories will inject colour tones. The beauty of this colour is its ability to give an overall feeling of light and space. It truly ‘opens up’ the look of a room and gives the whole look a thicker, statement texture. The finishing touches? Freshly decorated rooms are perfected by adding contrasting plantation shutters (we suggest pure white!) which provide stark, crisp contrast to the grey tones. The placement of white next to a natural light source, maintains a balanced and airy decor.

White plantation shutters just seem to work fabulously with a predominantly Glacier Gray colour scheme – every time! And in every room in the house!

Glacier Gray Pantone Bromley Blinds Design Inspiration

When it pays to know about colour psychology

What’s your favourite colour? It’s such an innocent question – the sort of thing children ask each other in the playground. Yet colour says so much about our mood, our experiences and our outlook. Pale blues, greens and white tones are calming and cool colours. Pink, peach, orange and yellow are warm and nurturing. Dark tones of navy, grey and burgundy are rich, enveloping colours.


The psychology of colour goes way back to our childhood. As soon as we are born we are wrapped up in blues, pinks and yellows – pastel colours that represent the sugary sweetness and gentle fluffiness of infancy. Fast forward a few decades, and the colours we choose to decorate our homes tend to mirror those soft shades, with warm and comforting beiges, creams and greys being the perennial favourites. Our associated memory is created before we are five years old, so whether you realise it or not, you are intrinsically drawn to colours that are reflective of your character and your upbringing.

When you are decorating your home, it is important to feel a connection to the colours around you, but that doesn’t mean you should pick a ‘favourite colour’ and be done with it. Each room of your house fulfils a different purpose and may suit a less obvious colour palate. The bedroom, for instance, can be made cosy with earthy tones on the walls and blackout blinds shielding the windows.


Meanwhile, a living room or conservatory extension would suit ‘daytime’ colours such as blue (the sky), white (the clouds) or yellow (the sun), with plantation shutters allowing natural light to dapple the space throughout the day.

Shades of green can add a thoughtful, serious element to an office space, while thick, statement curtains can make an impact in even the smallest room.
 www.thedailynest.com  via http://pinterest.com/pin/353040058263536283/
It is important to trust your instincts when it comes to colour in your home, but don’t forget to work with the natural light as well. An east-facing window will catch the sun in the morning, but it will be the first to get dark in the evening. Minty green or cool blue colours may look glorious at breakfast, but they can feel cold and clinical in the evening. Likewise, the way the sun falls into a room will create the illusion of shadow and shade across your walls.


 Interior view of  "Mirror Tower / LAN Architecture" by Karen Cilento  via  http://pinterest.com/pin/570901690237399696/
Don’t be afraid to show some love for your favourite colour, but add interest by playing around with texture, light and tone. You will end up with a home that feels welcoming and natural, and tells the story of your life in every colour and hue.

Image Credits: Pinterest

What makes for a really good 60 minute makeover?

Our very own Sherrill did us proud when she featured on an episode of Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover.

Sherrill's appearance on Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover - Bromley Blinds

Sherrill contributed to a project in Biggin Hill, during an episode of the show that was aired on ITV on 24th November 2014. The makeover was for devoted mum and granny, Colleen Bond, who got the surprise of a lifetime when Pete and designer Julia Kendell designed a makeover of her home in the style of Downton Abbey, her favourite television show. The home makeover was commissioned by Colleen’s daughter Nikki.

Sherrill designed and handcrafted the curtains, pelmets, bedspreads, seat and cushion covers. In keeping with the desired Downton theme, materials selected for all the soft furnishing were all from the Harlequin collection. As well as designing items for the sitting room, dining room and master bedroom, Sherrill also managed to paint a desk for the bedroom and found the time to teach Peter Andre how to finish some seat covers (we hear that spending time with such a nice guy for the whole day, was a particular hardship!) We’ve plenty of photos of the project below but you can see all the finished rooms showcased by ITV, here.

Sherrill's appearance on Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover - Bromley Blinds Sherrill's appearance on Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover - Bromley Blinds From curtains and pelmets, to complex lined drawing room ‘works of art’ with swags and tails, Sherrill will dress your windows with the most modern or traditional of designs, tailored to your individual requirements.Why not co-ordinate your new blinds to your curtains, cushion covers, throws or duvet cover? Bromley Blinds supply and fit both machine-made and hand-made curtains and soft furnishings. Our 25% discount is still on offer, but must end on the 14th February 2015.

Sherrill's appearance on Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover - Bromley Blinds

Sherrill's appearance on Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover - Bromley Blinds

7 secrets to unleashing the power of curtains

Are you considering curtains? We caught up with our expert consultant Sherrill, who gave us some great advice on her favourite light control solution.

Everything you need to know about curtains - Bromley Blinds

1. Complete your home improvements in the right order.

Pick your curtains fabrics first if you’re redecorating your home. You can match paint to your curtains (a bespoke shade is easily created), but it doesn’t work the other way round.

2. Material means everything.

Depending on your fabric types, your curtains can change room acoustics, aid people with hearing problems, mute high levels of traffic and soothe agrophobics. Everyone’s needs are different;  curtains should be designed to function for every type of client.

3. Balance wear and tear.

Curtains usually come in a pair. The leading edge is the bit on each side that’s exposed to light streaming through your windows. To prevent this from incurring light damage over time, swap your curtains over every two years. This alternates the leading edge that is exposed to light, and increases the longevity of your curtains.

4. Be aware of curtain killers.

Dust and sunlight are the biggest curtain killers. Hoover your curtains regularly to maintain their appearance. If the material and design allows it, have your curtains professionally cleaned annually.

5. Heat your curtains.

It’s tempting to put the heating off in a room, especially if you’re not regularly using it. However, cold creates damp and that’s a curtain killer. If your room is damp and unheated it will rot your curtains. The worst bit? You may not notice until it’s far too late. The back section of your curtains is the area to keep checking for mould and mildew; this is the bit that’s exposed to your exterior wall.

6. Be aware of sun-soaked windows.

If you’re lucky enough to benefit from a south facing window, don’t select silk for your curtains. It will disintegrate under the gaze of sunlight within six months.

7. Remember their purpose as an insulator.

As well as looking easy on the eye, curtains create cosy rooms. We lose 30% of our interior heat through our windows. Wise selection of fabrics is vital to get your worth from curtain designs. Consider your room environment at all times. If you’re unsure, enlist an expert to advise. Thoughtfully designed curtains can double your thermal insulation and noticeably protect your household from the elements.



I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain

‘to see for certain, what I thought I knew….’ 

Sorry about that; got lost in musicals for a moment. Truth is, we can’t stop singing (or dreaming) about Curtains this week and this is why:

Bromley Blinds Love Shutters Blinds and Curtains offer 2015

No, you didn’t dream it – what an offer! We could spend the next paragraph outlining why it’s soooo good. But, judging by the number of enquiries we’ve had in the last week, you’re clear on the details of these amazing discounts anyway. Remember – our offer on selected ranges of all our light control products must end on Valentine’s Day; (see what we did there, with the hearts and the love link) after that, the door will be firmly shut on our great giveaway.

To date, Curtains are a light control product that we’ve not got our hands on via our blog. However, 2015 brings big changes, and this is one of them! The great news here at Bromley Blinds is that in 2014 we had our team strengthened by the arrival of super-talented curtains specialist, Sherrill Brown. We’ve been leaving her to settle in and complete some amazing projects (more about these on the blog over the next few weeks!), but over the festive break we caught up with her for a quick chat.

Uncovered: our curtain expert

Sherill has over twenty years experience in curtains. At the age of 17 she became a sample machinist and was put in charge of managing a workroom and two staff after just three months. Sherill learnt her craft in a highly pressured shop environment, making 17 sets of curtains a week. Zoom forward to 2014; with curtain making, shop management and product design experience behind her, Sherrill joined Bromley Blinds as the ultimate advisor on curtains.

The quick-fire questions

Favourite song?  Follow Me – Uncle Kracker .
Favourite fabric? Anything unusual or touchy feely, so probably velvet or a taffeta silk.
Signature dish? Potato salad with just about everything in it. Including half a red apple!!!!
Other than that I’m a lousy cook as I get bored and end up burning 9 out every ten meals. Many a burnt dish (beyond recognition) has gone from the pan straight into the bin. I even left a roast chicken and potatoes in oven for six hours once. Not really sure how I didn’t burn the house down…
Proudest moment? Watching my daughters get married. I even gave one of them away.
Ultimate holiday? This would be a Swiss alpes chalet for Christmas, completed by a huge log fire and a hot tub situated to look out over the alpes.
Favourite colour? Opulent purple.
Favourite animal? A black Leopard.
Marmite – love it or loathe it? HATE marmite!
Biggest Accolade? Probably meeting Muhammad Ali and getting his autograph, which I subsequently managed to lose!!!
What 3 things would you take onto a desert island? Something that can create music. A good knife so I can fish/hunt and eat.
Finally, a huge tub of no-nails glue. That way I can build a shelter to keep warm and dry!

There you are, the lowdown on Sherrill. Got in touch with us and keen on curtains? She’ll be coming round to offer you expert advice on your potential home or office designs. Just don’t ask her to pop something into the oven…



2014 reviewed: ten of our best bits

Happy New Year from everyone at Bromley Blinds! We trust that you’ve enjoyed many ‘best bits’ during the festive season.

We’re hoping that 2015 brings you much health and happiness. Here at HQ, we’re entering the new year with great excitement. 2014 was brilliant and we can’t wait to continue to build the business and look after our customers – old and new, in the months ahead. Before we start sharing exciting news coming up in 2015, here’s a round up of ten of our ‘best bits’ from the previous calendar year.

1. The new blog. It was great to launch our news page this year; not least because it’s enabled us to keep in touch with you all every week. In 2015 we promise you much more of the same, plus significant benefits to our loyal readers. Thank you for your support over the last year – both on here and via our social media channels; it’s been wonderful!


2. DIY advice. We’ve had so many calls about posts such as this! To the people thanking us for saving them a headache – you’re most welcome, it’s been a pleasure to help out!


3. Team news. This post featured (then) new staff member Nick, plus a very popular (30 seconds only!) video of our  installations team fitting plantation shutters in a newly renovated home. Click below to check it out!


4. Help! Blog posts initiated by social media requests are always welcome; this one was sparked by requests over on Facebook. If you’ve got any burning questions about any aspect of light control solutions that you think we could help with, let us know via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter) or on the comments section below this post, and we’ll make sure we address them asap!


5. An interior design guide: arguably one of the better things to emerge from last year’s FIFA World Cup. At least, as far as England’s involvement was concerned! Sometimes we all need a little inspiration, especially when we’re contemplating home or workplace makeovers. We’re big fans of beautiful spaces and love making windows smile – even in times of national despair over the football…!


6. Which? Company news. A real accolade for Bromley Blinds this summer. We are really proud to be Trusted Traders and continue our total commitment to providing the highest standards of products and service to our customers.



7. Business awards success. It was great to get shortlisted as finalists in two categories. We really hope we’re able to build on this success in 2015.


8. Real home projects. We’ve loved showcasing recent work on the blog this year. If your blinds, shutters or curtains haven’t featured and you’d like them to, please do get in touch – we’d love to schedule a ‘post makeover’ shoot!


9. Online look-books. Who doesn’t love delicious images to browse through for inspiration? Our ‘picks of the best’ have been really popular on the blog this year.


10. Sponsorship news. It’s been a great privilege to start supporting youth teams in our local community. More on their recent success will be featured on the blog very soon!


We’ve already got so much to talk about this year; our diary is brimming with interesting projects that we can’t wait to share! Until next week’s blog post, a little reminder that a 25% discount is currently offered on selected ranges of our Plantation Shutters, Blinds and Curtains. Perhaps you’ve already got a product and/or colour scheme in mind and are raring to go with your selections. Maybe you’re not sure about all the options available for your windows and would love to receive some no-obligation creative guidance about all your different light control options? Either way, give us a call; our surveyors have returned from the festive break and are more than happy to assist.





It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We’ve completed blinds and shutter installations in no less than 23 locations around London and the SE of England over the past fortnight. It’s been a festive frenzy here at HQ with our Christmas completions underway, and we’re pleased to have bought early presents to many windows in your houses and offices!

What’s next for us in the festive week ahead?

It’s almost time for us to join you in curling up by the roaring fire, mince pie in hand (cinnamon punch in the other!) to watch Elf, on repeat…

However, the office will be a hive of activity until Christmas Eve, when we’ll be retreating to our homes for a festive break. Don’t worry – we’ll be back even before the new year, for those of you wanting to book in a holiday season surveyor consultation. See the full details of our Christmas opening hours, below.

On behalf of the whole Bromley Blinds team; we’d like to wish you all every health and happiness & a joyous festive season.
Merry Christmas - Bromley Blinds

Christmas opening hours - Bromley Blinds






‘Senses Sprung’ Roller Blinds: everything you need to know.

After our sales announcements over the last two weeks, we’ve found ourselves in a festive frenzy here at HQ. This week we’re serving up a recent project showcase on the blog. Read on for everything you need to know about ‘Senses Sprung’ Roller Blinds.

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in SE12, South East London.
The Project Brief | We were required to select a light control product that would provide coverage to exterior sliding doors in a kitchen.

'Senses Sprung' Roller Blinds in Truffle by Bromley Blinds
The Solution|  We installed sensor sprung roller blinds, which were aligned to each window panel. There were four ‘panels’ of these blinds installed, which allowed each of the sections to be operated independently. The blinds together formed a consistent ‘wall’ of coverage, whilst the individual sections provide a range of options for light ingress and privacy. These Tropical blinds were manufactured in a Topaz material with a ‘fudge’ colour finish. ‘Senses sprung’ roller blinds (spring tensioned) are controlled by a small tab. When pulled, this unlocks the gear mechanism and the blind will slowly rise and lock wherever the user stops it. This enables complete precision of the roller positioning when the blinds are not being fully extended. These roller blinds feature chrome fascia end caps and chrome bottom bar end caps, in addition to a fabric covered fascia, also in truffle, to create a seamless visual. This style of roller blinds enhances the contemporary look and feel of the house. The natural colour finish selected injects a warmth into the room. The rich truffle colour contrasts beautifully with the white gloss minimalism of the kitchen cabinets and island.

'Senses Sprung' Roller Blinds in Truffle by Bromley Blinds

Roller blinds are truly versatile blinds: from enhancing windows with traditional curtains, to providing roof lights or black out options. If you’re looking for blinds or curtains as a light control solution for your home, don’t forget we don’t just serve up block colour options. We’re suppliers of patterns, stripes, spots and high fashion themes; they total over 600 colour & design choices.

This is how to celebrate Small Business Saturday

Our phones haven’t stopped ringing since we announced our festive offer. There’s been a huge demand for our Blinds & Curtains, which is particularly pleasing seeing as we were celebrating Small Business Saturday this weekend. So, how did we choose to celebrate? In the style we know you’ll love best: by launching yet another festive offer.

Yes; our existing offer to you has acquired a partner (because it’s not just penguins that need a friend this Christmas).

Celebrate Small Business Saturday: with an offer on S:CRAFT Shutters

Our range of S:Craft Plantation Shutters offers different options of design and a number of stained and painted colour finishes. We can also colour match and produce a bespoke shade of paint for your plantation shutters that will blend perfectly with your interiors. Coloured plantation shutters make an artistic feature of your light control solutions and draw real attention to your windows. They are ideal for an interiors overhaul, especially if you want to revamp your home or office without the need for an expensive decorating job.

If you’re looking for blinds or curtains as a light control solution for your home, don’t forget we don’t just serve up block colour options. We’re suppliers of patterns, stripes, spots and high fashion themes; they total over 600 colour & design choices. Don’t forget: we also offer blackout & dim out blinds in these different designs too!

Celebrate and layer up this winter

Remember that you can combine ALL our festive offers for the ultimate savings this winter! Plantation Shutters work really well alongside Curtains, whilst our blackout blinds are neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane, behind your shutter fittings. This obscures them from visibility unless in use. All our blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee. You can read more about this here.

Are you following us on Instagram? We’ve got many more pictures of our recent work here.  For more home makeover inspiration, you can also follow us on Pinterest. If you fancy some expert advice, plus the chance to view our full catalogues, feel free to contact our office to arrange a free no-obligation consultation so that you can make a completely informed interior design decision!