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Ways to treat, not trick, your interiors this Halloween Part 1

Halloween decorations have a reputation for being truly nightmarish… for all the wrong reasons. Tacky cobwebs, gaudy streamers and sticky, smelly pumpkins don’t exactly scream ‘sophistication’.

So here are a few ways in which you can inject a bit of seasonal style into your home this October, without a single plastic spider to be found.

1. Black walls

Black walls are surprisingly elegant and versatile. Choose chalkboard paint and turn your wall into an instant canvas. Halloween Black Walls - from http://www.dulux.com.au/colour/colour-gallery?itemid=grey-domino-interior-classic-bathroom

2. Skulls

Ever since Damian Hirst covered his in diamonds, skulls have been every fashionista’s favourite centerpiece. Fill a hollowed out ceramic skull with a big candle, and watch the wax drip eerily out of its eyes.

Halloween Black Skull - from worldmarket.com

3. Plastic fangs

Having friends for dinner? Add a spooky touch to the dinner table by replacing your napkin holders with plastic fangs. Goblets of blood optional.

4. Go for gold

Gold is set to be a major interiors trend in 2016. Get in there early by gilding your Halloween decorations this year – all you need is some gold spray paint and seasonal props such as pumpkins and pinecones.

Halloween Gold Pumpkins found on bloglovin

5. Bare branches

There’s nothing spookier than gnarly tree branches on a dark, cold night… recreate that feeling by arranging a few tall branches in vases around your house. Paint them black for added effect, and attach a few spiderwebs, fake crows – or even owls .


Time to let Boo & Maddie do all the talking…

A very quick update from us this week, just to say that we’re thrilled to have had our work feature on the lifestyle blog, Boo & Maddie. Over the summer, we designed and fitted Plantation Shutters at a home in Grove Park, South East London. This 1930’s 4-bed semi  is currently being lovingly restored by its new owners. There are lots of great interior details planned  – it’s going to be a true work of art when it’s completed!

You can read the blog post that features our contribution to this home renovation project here…and marvel at plenty more Boo & Maddie transformations – here!

Boo & Maddie Blog post - featuring Bromley Blinds

Like the look of these shutters? You can currently make an order of MDF Plantation Shutters and we’ll give you a free upgrade – to designs crafted using white teak, from our elite range. This offer runs throughout the Autumn, and will expire on the 30th November. Considering battening down the hatches as the cold weather sets in? There’s been no better time to order plantation shutters!

Grey Plantation Shutters

5 interior trends you need to know about as we step into autumn 2015

As the days get colder and the nights get longer, there really is nothing better than spending a cosy evening at home. But as the seasons change, so too does your décor. After all, those festoon lights and quirky pineapple ornaments (!) don’t work quite as well in the autumn as they did in the summer. Here are a few of the next-season interior trends that you can start incorporating now.

1. Shady flora

The trend for plants has been simmering for a while now, but it has been tentatively introduced via artsy print wallpaper and whimsical scatter cushions. But this autumn, it’s time to embrace the real thing, and bring your favourite plants in from the cold. Choose plants which thrive in slightly damp and shady conditions (think ferns, ivy and hosta plants), and fill your home with heavy pots or hanging baskets full of rich, leafy greens.


Zinc planters by www.coxandcox.co.uk

2. Lots of candles

The Scandinavians are experts at cold-weather chic. They pioneered the ‘artisanal log pile’ look that was big last winter, and this year they are set to influence interior fashions again with the craze for raw candles. Ditch the candelabras and lanterns and display your candles in all their waxen glory, arranged on a simple wooden platter or metal tray. Choose pillar candles over tea-lights and decorative shapes, and arrange them in clusters of three or more. Draw your curtains, shut your blinds, and bathe in the most flattering lighting known to man.


Linen Pillar Candles by www.coxandcox.co.uk

3. Tonal greys

There are more than 50 shades of grey, and they all look fantastic during the shadowy months of the year. For a tonal effect, layer different hues and textures, and pair with simple blacks and whites. Paint your plantation shutters in a neutral shade of grey and when the evening sun peers through your window, a dozen new shades will appear, turning your home into a seasonal canvas.

Grey Plantation Shutters

Grey Plantation Shutters – Pinterest.com

4. Velvet

Sometimes, catwalk fashions make their way into the living room, and this year it’s all about velvet. It is warm, versatile and luxurious, and it will give any room an instant style update.

Choose deep jewel colours for your cushions or throw pillows, or go all-out with a decadent velvet headboard or sofa (remember – we can match them up with your new curtains!). Just don’t let the dog near it – velvet is great at catching the tiniest hairs.

Velvet & Linen Cushion - Atlantic Deep - by coxandcox.co.uk

Velvet & Linen Cushion in Atlantic Deep – www.coxandcox.co.uk

5. Hammered metals

Copper and rose-toned metallics are still very much en vogue, but for a fashion-forward take on this trend, opt for hammered metals. They glitter without being gaudy, and work just as well as a subtle accent as they do on a statement piece of furniture.

For maximum effect, place your hammered metal accessories in direct sunlight, so that they dapple light across your room even as the evening sun starts to fade.

Autumn 2015 interior trends - original_brass-lamp-pendant-complete-with-textile-cord - by notonthehighstreet.com

Brass Lamp Pendant by notonthehighstreet.com


The benefits of employing a Which? Trusted Trader

Remember last August – when we announced that we’d been endorsed as a Which? Trusted Trader?

We’ve had a great year since our Which? certification – and benefitted from being authorised by a watchdog that are widely renowned in the UK for championing the highest quality products and customer service. Which? provide intensive testing and reviewing processes for goods and services – which makes them the go-to resource for many consumers nationally. The Which? Trusted Trader endorsement matches our company ethos; at Bromley Blinds we’ve always made product quality and customer service our utmost priorities.

During our association with Which? we’ve also really enjoyed getting to know some of our fellow Which? endorsed companies – particularly Hassle Free Boilers, who provide a fantastic nationwide service that’s transparent and efficient – exactly what you need when you’re dealing with heating woes in your home!

Hassle Free Boilers recently got in touch with us to share their new Which?– themed infographic! We thought it was worth sharing; it fully explains the process that companies undergo to be endorsed. It also outlines the benefits of hiring a Which? endorsed Trader. Big thanks to Hassle Free Boilers for putting this together and allowing us to share it with our Bromley Blinds blog readers!

Which-trusted-Trader-Final - hasslefreeboilers.com




Greenwich bathroom Plantation Shutters - Bromley Blinds

Scrubbing up well in Greenwich

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A home in Greenwich, London
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters in a newly refurbished bathroom
The Brief | The window needed dressing in a way that would entirely compliment the clean minimalism of this bathroom and open up the window space, providing a relaxing space for our client to relax and unwind in. The bathroom features a freestanding bath with luxurious white roll-top. It was important that the selected window dressings were bright and improved natural light ingress – whilst maintaining privacy.

Greenwich bathroom Plantation Shutters  - Bromley Blinds

The Solution | Plantation shutters from the Niagara range in pure white were the perfect choice for this Bathroom – the design blends neatly with the white tiling, which creates a slightly industrial look – bang on interiors trend for the SS15 season.

This plantation shutter range is waterproof. The bespoke designs have stainless steel hinges to avoid rust. We installed full height plantation shutters with midrails in this Greenwich bathroom, allowing for the 63mm louvres in the top section to be operated completely separately from those in the lower, using a central control rod. This design of plantation shutters is a great option for bathrooms as privacy is key but light ingress can still be enjoyed.


Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters installed in Bickley - Bromley Blinds

Brightening things up in Bickley

With Wimbledon in full swing, this week has been a really busy one about London town! Today on the blog we’re sharing another of our real home makeovers.

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Bickley, Kent.
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters to a reception room.
The Brief | The intention was to install a light control product that would inject a feeling of space and provide a crisp contrast to the dark green feature wall that features in this room.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters installed in Bickley - Bromley Blinds
The Solution |  We installed tier on tier bi-folding plantation shutters with 63mm louvres and central control rods in the living room, allowing the different sections to be opened and closed exclusively from each other. The wood used to create this bespoke design was white teak. These shutters are from our elite range and they were hand painted in pure white. This range of plantation shutters are supplied with a lifetime warranty to ensure your longterm product peace of mind. Tier on tier shutter designs are ideal for living rooms; particularly those that are front facing in a property. Privacy is provided, whilst enabling a number of options for controlling light ingress.

Crisp white plantation shutters look even more of a brightening and lightening statement in a room that’s got an injection of colour. We love this living room as the dark feature wall (which features the window) is offset by neutral walls on either side – adding another dimension to the interior design of this beautiful Bickley home.

Instagram update - Bromley Blinds

5 reasons why you’re going to fall in love with the new Instagram update

Here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we’re all buzzing about the redesign of Instagram. Our account on this social media platform has had a big update and we think it will really enhance your viewing pleasure!

We’ve always been keen on Instagram – we love to share top tips for light control products, interior design spots  – plus it gives us an opportunity to regularly share snapshots of our recent designs and installations.

The good news is that the Instagram update decreases the need to have the app on your phone. We think our account looks lovely on desktop and the new look has really enhanced the ‘magazine’ feel – making our photos much more enjoyable to have a browse through on the computer.

The Instagram update: 5 changes

1. The new desktop and mobile app makes photos much larger, creates space and cleans up the page.

2. Viewed on the desktop, the new account layout displays three large images in each row, rather than the five smaller images it used to.

3.  Remember the the grid of cover images that used to be at the top of each account? That’s gone, as are many of the borders and rounded edges.

4. The new desktop design has introduced circular profile pics, to match the phone app.

5. The new design is a lot more user-friendly, especially for desktop visitors. The old design had five-wide images that made photos hard to distinguish without visiting them all individually. That meant a scroll, click into the image, click again to leave the image and scroll some more (and repeat). The new images on Instagram are 300 pixels wide and feel just big enough to really enjoy without having to investigate them too closely.

Have you tried out the new desktop version? We’d love to link with you on there! We’re planning some special offers only accessible via our Instagram account in the next few months, so now is a great time to join us on there, if you’ve not considered it before. We can’t wait to view your pretty pictures too!

Hot interiors https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/mid-century-mode-interiors/

The hot trends we’re seeing in homes this summer – Part 2

Last week we shared Part 1 of our guide to the hot trends that are sizzling this summer. This week we’re back to the blog – with Part 2, sharing more news of improvements and interior updates. The summer months are the perfect time to take a look at rejuvenating the look of your home. Here’s how you can incorporate the hot trends we’re seeing in homes this summer.

Mid-century mode

The mid-century look has become a modern classic thanks to trendy high street collaborations with the likes of Vitra Eames, Phillippe Starck and Ercol. If you can’t afford the real thing, cheat by adding legs to your sideboards, sofas, cupboards and dressers.

Hot trends https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/mid-century-mode-interiors/ Hot trends https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/mid-century-mode-interiors/ Hot trends https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/mid-century-mode-interiors/ Hot trends https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/mid-century-mode-interiors/

Paint your floorboards

While good-quality hardwood floors will never go out of fashion, painted floorboards are having a bit of a moment right now. Take inspiration from the Scandi set by painting your floorboards white, but make sure you use a water-based paint so that you can strip it back again if you change your mind in the future. White boards will reflect the summer light, making your home feel bigger and brighter, and after a few months they will take on a distressed look.

Hot Trends Painted Floorboards found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/painted-floorboards/ Hot Trends Painted Floorboards found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/painted-floorboards/ Hot Trends Painted Floorboards found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/painted-floorboards/ Hot Trends Painted Floorboards found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/painted-floorboards/


Add pastel

Pastel colours are huge at the moment, and perfectly complement the summer months. Choose a pale hue of heather, lavender, mint or honeysuckle and pair it with neutrals (white, cream, grey, brown, beige) and paint your backsplash, cupboards, bedside tables or door frames for a mood-lifting update to your home.

Add Pastel - Hot Trend found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/pastel-interior-features Add Pastel - Hot Trend found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/pastel-interior-features


Outside In - found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/outside-inside/

The hottest trends we’re seeing in homes this summer – Part 1

The warmer weather and longer evenings are inspiring all of us to get on with those much-delayed home improvements and interior updates. So this is the perfect time to take a look at the hottest trends, and how you can incorporate them into your home this summer.

Over the next fortnight we’ll be sharing what’s in, right now, here on the blog. To kickstart things – here are two of the top trends currently sizzling in the interiors world…

Bring the outside in

Living walls are so last year. Now it’s all about creating continuity between the outside and the inside by using leafy prints, hanging plants and lush shades of green and blue. Choose waxy green ferns and palms in heavy pots for a luxe look, and add a bit of colour with a few jars of cut wildflowers positioned around the house.

Outside In  - hottest trends found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/outside-inside/


Outside inside 2

Metallic rules

The summer light will glint off any shiny metallic features in your home, just as long as you keep them perfectly polished. The copper trend has finally trickled down to the high street, so you can stock up even if you are on a budget.

Metallic rules - Found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/metallic-rules/


Metallic rules - Found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/metallic-rules/


Metallic rules - Found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/metallic-rules/


Metallic rules - Found on https://www.pinterest.com/bromleyblinds/metallic-rules/

For further design inspiration – and the full credits for each of the images featured in this blog post, check out our Pinterest boards featuring beautiful Metallics and Outside Inside features!

Zena Farrah blinds with a backbone- by Bromley Blinds

Are your walls feeling worried and insecure? They need support.

Have you ever been put off installing roller blinds in your house because you’re worried your walls can’t support them?

This is actually far more common than it sounds; many people have limited fixing points or walls that aren’t particularly strong in their homes. You may have previously had an old blind installed which hasn’t passed the test of time. Unfortunately, with a hollow recess in a wall, this is quite inevitable.

If you’ve previously fitted a blind that’s fallen down, or are knowingly the owner a ‘weak’ wall, the good news is we have a solution! Roller blinds on a back bar are your answer – they offer support and security in their design. This particular type of roller blinds is constructed on a metal fixing plate (the bit known as the back bar) which creates a sturdy backbone for your blinds to hang on – without any worries about them collapsing. It’s a great option for people who aren’t confident about the strength of their walls – and something that we see quite lot of, especially  in certain types of home.

By reinforcing the ‘backing’ of your blinds – rollers can be securely fitted to your windows without any problems. The best bit? As you can see from the photos in this post, the design is so seamless you can’t even detect a back bar installation – as the fitting is a perfectly designed to work as a really close fit to your window pane, completely within your window recess. Like all our other light control products, we offer a guarantee of our craftsmanship and the product you’re purchasing. This should allay any fears you might have about committing yourself to a purchase  – which is totally understandable – especially if you’ve previously had a collapsing blind scenario to deal with!

You’ll see that we offer clients the opportunity to enter their own dimensions and make an order for light control products. That said, we particularly recommend that you give us a call or enter an email enquiry so that we can arrange a visit to your home and make absolutely sure that your windows are going to work with your desired product. There are no hard-sells during our visit; quite simply we are just doing the leg work for you and making sure that we take complete responsibility for the job from start to finish – to ensure that all your measurement are perfect (we triple check them!) and that you are getting the very best product design and installation – without any hitches along the way! Our surveyors are able to immediately advise on what products will definitely work in your window spaces. Get in touch today and we’ll get them sorted by the time summer kicks in!

P.S Don’t forget – if you’re wanting to support your sleep time with some particularly restful rollers – our existing 20% discount offer on blackout blinds continues – until 31st July!

Zena Farrah blinds with a backbone- by Bromley Blinds