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Easter’s hottest interior design trends

Spring is a lovely time of year. It’s now light for longer than it is dark, the daffodils are out and we’re starting to see a bit more of that sunshine, which puts everyone in a good mood and gives us all an energy boost. But what about your home? Is that sunshine showing up grubby paintwork and tired furniture? The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time to start tackling some of those interior design projects that you’ve had at the back of your mind for a while. Or, if you’re totally committed to relaxing (and frankly we don’t blame you!), apply pen to paper and start planning them…

Here are a few tips on this Easter’s trends to get you started:

Elegant simplicity

The trend for decluttering continues. Although minimalism might be the ultimate goal, it isn’t always a realistic one, so think about installing some chic, streamlined storage solutions. Painting cupboards in the same hues as the walls will give you a really clean effect. The same is true of window dressings; according to current style guides, fussy curtains are out. It’s all about Venetian blinds, simple voile panels and elegant plantation shutters.

Easter interior trend: Painting cupboards in the same hues as the walls.
Natural colours and accents

As well as streamlining, the trend for simplicity continues in the colour palettes that are popular at the moment. Natural shades such as stone browns and greys are very modern, while giving just enough softness to make a room feel welcoming. Team these hues with a stronger feature wall, still in natural tones such as a spring meadow green or a teal ocean tone. Keep the woodwork simple too, with an off-white satin finish giving a really fresh finish.

Easter Interior Trend - blending naturals with statement walls, as found on Blog'lovin


Lighting remains funky and modern, with a lot of metallic finishes. For furniture, natural textures and soft shapes add to the relaxing, welcoming feel of a room – and never underestimate the importance of a good sofa to flop into at the end of the day! If you feel that you would like a burst of colour then choose a couple of key accessories: a rug, cushions and picture frames are an inexpensive way to bring a splash of interest into a room without overdoing it, and are simple to change for something else when you fancy a new look. So, dust off your paintbrushes, make the most of the sunshine and enjoy your interior design project. Happy Easter from all the team!

Easter Interior Trends- Metallic Light - via remodelista

Blinds v. plantation shutters – which design is best?

Here at Bromley Blinds HQ,  potential clients often have many queries as they start the process of ordering new window furnishings. So, with that in mind – we thought we’d begin to feature some  of our most frequently asked questions over on our blog..

We start with one that our surveyor team get asked a lot – and seems to be quite a common conundrum!

Q: My husband and I have recently bought our first home together (in Beckenham) and we are in the process of remodelling. I want to put decorative blinds in every room, but he thinks plantation shutters offer more privacy. Which option would you recommend? We want a long-lasting option which will look great from the inside and outside.

A: This issue of blinds versus plantation shutters comes up time and time again, and there is not necessarily one right answer.

Many people prefer the versatility of roller blinds, as you can choose a colour or pattern which complements the style and decor of your room. As well as offering over 500 designs, we also offer different types of ‘specialist’ blinds that really make the most of your interiors. Semi-opaque blinds are great for diffusing natural light, while also offering a level of privacy, and blackout blinds are hugely popular in bedrooms, for obvious reasons!

arena Lotus-Faded-Pink

However, wooden shutters can be surprisingly versatile as well – and our top quality wooden shutter ranges they can be paint-matched to your decor, meaning that they’re completely bespoke in colour as well as a providing a perfect fit in their design.

Turquoise Plantation Shutters

One of the big selling points of plantation shutters is that they are long-lasting and they never go out of style. They can be opened out when you want to let the light in, closed completely when you need some peace from the outside world, and opened half-way when you want to maintain your privacy but still enjoy some natural light. Yes, they are more expensive than blinds, but they will last and last. Our ranges are all supplied with guarantees too, so you’re provided with complete peace of mind regarding your investment.

It may seem like the ideal solution is to mix and match a little – say, ordering blackout blinds in the bedrooms and plantation shutters in the kitchen and living areas. If you are adamant that you want an option which looks equally good from the inside as well as the outside, you may want to rethink this plan. When it comes to ‘kerb appeal’, it really does help to have the same (or similar) coverings on each window. Consistency is key to making the exterior of a property look really attractive.
Plantation Shutters offer Kerb Appeal

With this in mind, it really comes down to your budget and your priorities. Is it more important that you have the total privacy that plantation shutters can offer, or is your heart set on a particular aesthetic? Maybe you’re desperate to inject colour to your neutral walls and are choosing to go with patterned blinds to do the job in each of your rooms.  If you still want a particular ‘statement’ look, remember that you can also paint your shutters any colour you choose, too. If the answer is ‘privacy’, then you can narrow down your options to blackout blinds or shutters.

Transforming your room designs? Don’t forget this one vital element.

Don’t forget your windows when you’re planning changes to your room designs. As well as providing practical solutions, light control products can make or break the effectiveness of an image overhaul. Plantation shutters are a great option if you’re wanting to transform your interiors; they contribute perfectly to a home design look that’s minimalist, contemporary and decluttered. This week’s featured project shows just how plantation shutters can complete a seamless home refurbishment.

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A private home in London, SE9.
The Project | Shutter installations in the kitchen, hall, landing, nursery and back bedroom.
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would provide a consistent visual to a range of window designs featuring throughout the property.
The Solution | Plantation shutters were designed for the kitchen patio doors, kitchen window, hall, landing, nursery and the back bedroom of the property. With beautiful modern home furnishings in place, they were the ideal product choice for a home that boasts a contemporary interior design with an abundance of white, clean lines and sleek chrome features. All of our crafted plantation shutter designs are full height, crafted from standard hardwood and feature 63mm louvres. All the louvres on the installed shutters for this property are controlled by a central control rod for a seamless look and the option to change your light ingress settings in seconds. These shutter designs are all finished in Silk White and the upper and lower tiers of the shutters were aligned with the split pane designs of the windows. On the shutters designed for the patio doors, the tier separation is centrally positioned half way up the doors frame. These shutters feature bi-folding sections to provide minimal intrusion when they are fully opened up to give full access to the garden.

Like beautiful room designs? Here’s the completed kitchen.

Rooms Designs completed: Kitchen Plantation Shutter Installations by Bromley Blinds Rooms Designs completed: Kitchen Plantation Shutter Installations by Bromley Blinds

Though extremely lightweight to control, plantation shutters are sturdy and their engineered perfect fit within a window frame has the added benefit of energy efficiency; the extra layer is remarkably effective as protection against the elements in the colder weather. Plantation shutters can noticeably reduce and exclude cold drafts coming from window areas during the winter. The greatest advantage of plantation shutters is, however, the ability to control both light and airflow into your home. Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters provide ultimate control over both.

Spring watch: Brighten Bathrooms with Venetian Blinds

Our venetian blinds provide a seamless solution to every room in the house. In bathrooms,  constant moisture can cause wood to warp and bend – but our product ranges that are designed for ‘damp rooms’ suit all bathrooms and conservatories – basically anywhere that experiences temperature fluctuations – whilst maintaining the overall look of your home.

Shhhhhh. No one will ever know….

If you’re looking to dress your windows with a combination of materials, aluminium blind can be produced to match venetian designs featuring wooden louvres too  – making them quite undetectable! The added bonus of this continuity is that it won’t affect your house’s external kerb appeal!

Bromley Blinds offers a huge range of wooden Venetian blinds alongside our classic aluminium Venetians; though it’s worth remembering that while aluminium blinds are a more cost-effective option, in the long term, wooden blinds represent greater value for money.


There has never been more choice when it comes to furnishing your home with light control products. Fabric or blackout roller blinds; wooden or aluminium venetians; vertical blinds, or the coveted plantation shutters – how do you know which option is right for you?

Your final decision will probably depend on cost, availability and style, but it is also worth thinking about the practicalities when it comes to your home.

If you are looking for a light control product that works in any space, wooden Venetian blinds are a safe bet. Venetian blinds are a design classic, and will work with almost any design scheme, while choosing wooden designs offers a more modern and durable take on the classic aluminium slats. Think retro prints against pale wood, neutral tones in a modern living room, or dark, painted blinds over tall, industrial-style windows.

When painted cream or white, good quality wooden blinds can closely resemble plantation shutters, but at a fraction of the price. Closed, they offer all the privacy of a blackout blind, and when opened, they can let the daylight stream into your home, or peep through the slats for a romantic dappled-light effect.

Chalk White Venetian Blinds - Bromley Blinds

We use good quality wood, which is a natural insulator. The relative thickness of the wood can also act as a soundproofing device, muffling any noise from the street outside. When fully closed, wooden blinds can also help enhance your home security by keeping prying eyes away from ground floor windows. As a light control product, wooden slats are unparalleled when it comes to keeping harmful sunlight away from your soft furnishings.

To discover our full range and see what sort of blinds will work best in your home, get in touch and we’ll book you an appointment with one of our surveyors. We will work out the best quotation we can offer and provide that for you in writing. After this is submitted, we will not pester you with sales discount phone calls or ring imaginary sales managers for “additional discounts if you agree to buy on the day”.  This kind of thing is simply our worst nightmare (and we imagine that’s probably the same for you too!) Our philosophy is to always be completely transparent throughout your quotation, design and fitting service. We always quote the best price for your high quality light control products first time.

A beginners guide to designing your home according to Feng Shui

Your home is your sanctuary – a place which makes you feel safe and comfortable, and reflects your specific tastes. But according to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, your home also has the power to affect your wealth, health and happiness.

As we usher in the Chinese New Year on 8 February, we take a look at how you can transform your interior layouts to comply with Feng Shui – and hopefully attract good fortune in the Year of the Monkey!

STEP ONE – De-Clutter

When you walk into your home, you should feel relaxed and inspired…but it’s hard to do that when the place is a mess. In order to improve the Feng Shui in your home, you first need to de-clutter. And be brutal about it. Anything you don’t use any more, get rid of it – its only gathering dust and blocking up space in your room.

A clean and tidy house will instantly lift your spirits and you will be motivated to keep it looking good day after day.

STEP TWO – Find a place for everything

The core principle of Feng Shui is that everything has an energy (or ‘qi’), and the flow of energy is affected by the positioning of different things around the house.

In layman’s terms, that means that everything should have a place, and that place should make logical sense. For instance, you wouldn’t store your slippers in the garage, or keep your cooking utensils in the bedroom.

STEP THREE – Choose the right colours

Different colours represent different elements in Feng Shui. Calming colours (blue, grey) are recommended for almost every space in your home, but others (purple, red) should be used with caution.

Most Feng Shui masters advise against using purple or red on your walls, as they can drown out the other elements in the room. However, a splash of passionate red or royal purple can add vibrancy to your home – choose richly-coloured fabric blinds in communal areas of the home to bring a bit of excitement to your evenings!

STEP FOUR – Harness the power of nature

Light and air are essential components of Feng Shui, so open your blinds, keep windowsills clutter-free, and add lots of plants around the house to improve the air quality. Bamboo is considered to be particularly lucky in Feng Shui, so add a few bamboo plants around the house to bring good fortune and health.

You can bring even more nature into your home by installing wooden and plantation shutters in every room, creating the perfect canvas for your Feng Shui home.

For more tips and visual inspiration, check out our new Pinterest board!

Beginners Guide To Feng Shui

Introducing Pantone’s Colour(s) of the Year 2016!

PANTONE Color of the Year 2016 - Rose Quartz & Serenity Tiles

Seeing as we’re pretty much interiors-obsessed here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we always look forward to Pantone’s annual colour of the year announcement! However, we were a little taken aback by their shock decision to break with tradition and announce two pastel colours for 2016. Until we saw them of course (since then we’ve just been swooning…)

Pantone’s colours of 2016

No one knows colour like Pantone, so when they announce their annual ‘colour of the year’, anyone into home decor pays serious attention. Past Pantone colours have ranged from the earthy (Marsala and Honeysuckle) to the bright and bold (Tangerine Tango and Turquoise). This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year presents two pastel shades: the light pink Rose Quartz and the silvery blue Serenity.

Over the coming year, you can expect to see some combination of these colours adorning plantation shutters (we’ve already had an order or two and it’s not even February yet!), or smudged into an ombre infusion on the most stylish of walls. There’s no doubt. These two shades create a sophisticated colour palette that looks amazing in interior spaces and promotes a feeling of relaxation in the home.

So how do you add Pink Quartz and Serenity to your décor?

Delicate shades such as Serenity and Rose Quartz really come to life when teamed with side lamps and cosy candlelight, when they emit a romantic glow and bathe everything in a flattering natural filter. They also look fabulous during the day as they allow a lot of beautiful light into a room and keep it feeling airy whilst really homely (you can’t beat an injection of warmth from a beautiful pink shade!) Choosing pastel tones for your décor means that you will have a dusky backdrop for all those beautiful pieces of furniture, whether you’re a fan of dark oak, or the white gloss, minimal look. Alternatively you may just want to team white walls with blinds or shutters that adopt these colours – or statement accessories that inject subtle accents that salute Pantone’s colours of choice but don’t overcommit to current trends.

Here’s the official statement from Pantone:

PANTONE Color of the Year 2016 - Rose Quartz & Serenity

Love these colours and seeking some interiors inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board which should provide plenty of food for thought. Happy shopping!


Happy New Year! Here’s a freebie from Sainsbury’s Bank.

Sainsbury's Bank Guide to Improving Your Home

Happy new year to you all! Hope you had a wonderful festive period! Now that January’s here we are back in the office and things at HQ are quickly hotting up to be another mad month – no doubt due to the fact that we are currently offering our ‘LOVE’ offer – which, if you’re planning home improvements – you need to get involved in NOW! (It’s readily available until Valentine’s Day – yup, that auspicious date in your diary…)

To start the new year with a bang – we’re offering you a quickie this week. Some people have a very clear idea about how they want their home improvements to run – from the basics of renovation, to every stylistic detail. Others may need a bit of advice when planning interiors changes – or at least a helping hand in deciding whether your jotted down ideas are really going to work in reality. That’s where our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank come in. They got in touch with us so that we could offer you a first look at their new guide to improving your home this Winter.

The guide includes useful tips on improving all areas of your home, and ways to create living space. If you’re  thinking about making your home more comfortable and attractive with some new blinds or shutters – this one’s for you. Take a look at the guide here.

Happy reading!

Gift your windows this Christmas

Our autumnal offer gave customers upgrades to our finest range of teak plantation shutters. It was our busiest season yet and saw Bromley Blinds serve up shutter upgrades all over London and the South East. From Kensington to Camberwell, our designers and installations team have been all working all over!

December has arrived and we love that it’s finally acceptable to enter a festive decoration frenzy! We’re teaming up with you all by announcing a gift for your windows this Christmas. From today, we’re offering 25% off selected ranges of our Blinds and Plantation Shutters.

The finer details?

Our offer includes ranges of Venetian, Roller and Vertical Blinds, plus Plantation Shutters. Perhaps you’ve already got a colour scheme in mind and are raring to go with your selections. Maybe you’re not sure about all the options available for your windows and would love to receive some no-obligation creative guidance about all your different light control options? Either way, give us a call; our surveyors are more than happy to assist.

Whether you choose our awnings, canopies, blinds, or shutters, at Bromley Blinds we promise that every step of your bespoke home improvement service will be expertly managed in a totally personal, stress-free manner.

Benefit from our commitment to you

At Bromley Blinds, we think it’s essential to support customers long-term; every product design and installation is accompanied by a guarantee. For many of our product ranges, this is a lifetime warranty, which ensures that investment in our products gives clients complete peace of mind.

Here are a few snaps taken by our fittings team over the last week!
Elite Teak Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds

Elite Teak Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds

Elite Teak Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds

Elite Teak Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds

Elite Teak Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds

Considering black walls in your home? Here’s the magic formula to make it actually work

Black walls used to be reserved for teenagers going through a Gothic phase(!), but now they feature widely as a luxe interiors trend. Using a dark colour in any space is a bold decision because if you get it wrong, you are looking at a DIY disaster (for one thing, you will struggle to cover up the colour, no matter how many paler tones you layer on top of the black).

However, get it right and you will end up with an elegant, grown-up, Pinterest-friendly interior look which makes a major style statement. You just need to know the magic formula…

1. Choose the right finish

As a general rule, you should probably avoid a high gloss finish for interior walls, as you will end up with a distracting, mirror-like sheen. Instead, choose a matte eggshell finish or even a blackboard paint, which will add a lovely, soft texture to your walls.

2. Choose the right colour

There is no such thing as plain old ‘black’ when it comes to paint – the darkest colours tend to be variations on blues and greys. While extra-dark grey is a relatively safe choice, deep navy blue/black brings a lovely glow to dark rooms. When you patch-test the colours, pay particular attention to the spots on the wall where the natural light falls, so you can see all the undertones shining through.

3. Get the location right

Black walls should be used in moderation, otherwise you risk turning your home into an homage to the Addams family. A splash of black can have a big impact in a white and bright kitchen.

Black Walled Kitchen - Found on Apartmenttherapy.com

While a black feature wall adds drama to a minimalist bedroom. Black walls also work better in rooms with high ceilings and plenty of space, where the bold colour can really speak for itself.

Black minimalist bedroom - http://www.zulily.co.uk/
4. Let the light in!

It may sound contradictory, but black walls actually work best in well-lit areas. The natural light really brings out the textures and hues of dark walls, while statement lighting holds its own in a dark space.

Well-lit bedroom. Found on sketch42blog.com

Wall-mounted up-lighting works particularly well against a black wall, as the little pools of light break up the darkness and bring a glamorous Gothic feel to the room.

5. Accessorise properly

A black wall is an amazing canvas for just about anything: from black and white prints

Black and White Prints - Found on etsy.com

…and bold paintings to quirky accessories.

Found on calebandersondesign.com

Black Wall - Found on decoholic.org

It works especially well with contrasting colours – think bright white, gold and neon pink – but don’t overdo it. Choose just one striking colour, and let it really stand out against the drama of a dark background.

Ways to treat, not trick, your interiors this Halloween: Part 2

Last week on the blog we filled you in on how to start filling your home with tasteful Halloween decorations.  Gone are the tacky cobwebs, the silly string, the gaudy streamers…So here are a few more ways in which you can inject a bit of seasonal style into your home this October…

Filled lanterns

By now, just about every home in the UK will have succumbed to the giant lantern craze that began last summer. Give yours a new lease on life by filling it with mini pumpkins, pinecones, nuts or seasonal leaves, for a grown up take on harvest décor.

 Jars of sweets

Who says sweets are only for trick or treaters? Invest in a couple of big glass jars and fill them to the brim with seasonal sweets, all year round. Think orange and black sweets in October, and red and green sweets in the run up to Christmas.

Science lab cocktails

Turn your bar area into a mad scientist’s lab using just a few brightly coloured drinks, and a bit of dry ice.


Candleight can be incredibly eerie…especially if it’s the only source of light in the house. Use red candle wax to add ‘blood’ to a white pillar candle.

Go white

The all-white interior look is a classic, but it can be a big decision. Ease yourself in by turning your home into a ghostly wonderland this Halloween – a few whitewashed walls and tastefully draped fabric should do the job. Afterwards – it can be transformed to a interiors look that’s really bright, uncluttered and minimalist:

White Interior. Found on madaboutthehouse.com