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How you can improve the quality of your sleep

The quality of our sleep has a huge impact on our general health. Now, through wearable technology, individual sleep tracking is accessible to us all, revealing the patterns of our slumbers for daily analysis. Whilst gathering nightly statistics may not be of interest to everyone, having a good nights sleep is certainly something we all need. Take a look at what you can do to get the most from your sleep – you might be surprised to learn how much of an impact your blinds (or lack of!) can have.

Sleeplessness factors

It is evident that a variety of different factors affect sleep but it is also true that many of these are within our control. Applying small changes to your routine and environment can make a big difference to how well you sleep.

1) Light pollution

A light room is the enemy of good sleep, as light can leak in around certain blinds or through curtains and keep you awake. This is particularly problematic for those of us living in street-lit areas. An easy solution is to fit good quality blackout blinds in all of your bedrooms. These specially designed blinds will keep the room dark so that your body knows it is time for sleep.

2) Strong colours

Colour has an influence on how we feel in a room. Avoid heavy purples or blacks and make your bedroom a restful haven by introducing colours known for their meditative effect. Soft blues, pale yellows and greens are all great choices. Finish off your tranquil colour scheme with a coordinating blackout blind and meet two key sleep goals in one!

3) Dehydration and stimulants

Most of us are aware that alcohol and caffeine affects our sleep but these are hard habits to break. Many of us even convince ourselves that wine promotes good sleep but unfortunately an early snooze soon leads to disrupted sleep. Try to minimise the timing and frequency of consumption if you want to sleep soundly. It could be time to switch to decaffeinated tea or coffee to drink from afternoon onward.

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