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Child safety options - avoiding cords, avoiding risks

Every year, there are reports of children being killed or seriously hurt after being trapped in the operating cords of the blinds in their bedroom. Just the possibility of a risk to their child’s health is, understandably, enough to put any parent off buying blinds for their home.

With the summer holidays in full swing, it’s a good time to tell you that there are options available. Child safety laws mean that every trade supplier of blinds must supply chain connectors which break apart under pressure, and safety devices that fit to the wall and ensure that operating cords are tensioned at all times, making them less of a risk to young children.

While blinds are much safer when installed with safety devices, the risk isn’t eradicated completely, which can still cause concern. The only way to remove all risk is to install blinds which don’t have operating cords. Although many people may be unaware of it, most types of blinds can be installed and used easily without operating cords.

Roller Blinds

A roller blind can be installed on a spring bracket, meaning that the user simply pulls the blind down to the required closed position, and uses the spring to pop it back into place when the blind needs to be opened.

A pricier option is to have the blinds on a remote control. The remote can be attached where the cord would normally hang, like a wand, or the blind can have a motor inside the tube, which is operated by a separate remote.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are normally installed with two different operating cords; one to open and close the blind as a whole, and one to tilt the vanes. However, vertical blinds can be made completely child safe by having a wand control instead.

The wand hangs where the cords usually are, and the user simply pulls the blinds into an open or closed position, and twists the wand to tilt the vanes.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be made tensioned, with a bottom rail which is used to push and pull the blinds into an open or closed position, and a wand to tilt the slats. This makes them completely child safe, as there are no cords involved at all.

For any further information or assistance on installing child safe blinds in your home, feel free to give us a call on 020 8325 3232, where one of our expert surveyors will be happy to help.

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