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Rocking the roller Blinds in Forest Hill

Last week we installed some coupled roller blinds at a home in Forest Hill. The bright green (Splash Vine) that was chosen was the perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen boasting exterior doors out into the garden decking area and beyond. With the correct use of colour, you can really emphasise the link between indoor and outdoor spaces, blending with plants and decorative details to keep things looking really fresh. Lifting the room with coloured rollers is such an easily installed design feature that changes the whole look and feel of an interior space. Bright colours such as this Splash Vine looks particularly effective if all your other room design details are neutral – including your walls,  which will look amazing in white when coupled with such colours.

Splash Vine Roller Blinds Forest Hill

The advantages of roller blinds

It’s good that there are so many roller blinds out there (we sell over 500 fabric designs!), as the rooms we live in vary so much in terms of their design and the mood that they create. Blinds also tick a box for functionality as well as style, and not many are more popular than roller blinds, which have been around for about 50 years. Here are some advantages to choosing roller blinds when it comes to kitting out your home.


Lending themselves to modern looks, roller blinds are aesthetically pleasing thanks to their simple, unassuming appearance. Fitting closely to the window, they blend in very well with a range of décor. You also have an almost unlimited number of designs at your fingertips, including fabrics which are translucent from a huge range of colours. You could choose fabrics designed to block out the sun, or be even more protective, giving you a ‘black out’ effect.


Such is the breadth of materials that can be used for the manufacturing of roller blinds is that they can be matched to almost any kind of room. This applies from the bathroom, to kitchens, and children’s bedrooms. Their ease of use means that kids can be trusted to learn how to use them safely. There is also an adjustability that will be behind the decision of many to purchase roller blinds rather than curtains: you control the amount of light that enters a room, and with sun screen blinds you can block out UV rays while still letting in a certain amount of light.


Any blind that is popular in commercial circles typically has the quality of durability, and this is the case where roller blinds are concerned. Roller blinds are built to last, and if you go for the motorised variety which are controlled from a central location, the process of opening and closing them has even less potential for causing wear and tear. Using strong tubes that are manufactured from steel and a high quality of fabric for the blinds themselves, roller blinds offer business and home owners the peace of mind that comes with having made a savvy investment.


Window frames looking tired? Try these on for size!

Replacing the windows in a modern house can be a massive expense – and that’s before you get to the time and inconvenience that goes with it. It’s a major undertaking that you might just not want to go through.

So, if your windows are starting to show their age and affect the aesthetic appeal of the house when you look out your window, but they’re still structurally intact, interior shutters could be the most cost-effective way to fix the problem.

Bespoke fitted shutters can change the whole look and feel of your house, they can even increase the value if you’re looking to sell or rent and don’t want to invest the time and money into a complete window replacement that you’ll never notice the benefit of.

A set of plantation shutters can convert a rather tired looking lounge into a dramatic vista that frames the garden to perfection and helps turn your house into a dramatic, theatrical looking version of its former self.

Plantation Shutters in Blackheath - Designed and installed by Bromley Blinds

Classic Venetian blinds, meanwhile, will fill the window frame to perfection and these days you can choose from a vast array of finishes, from UPVC through to real wood, which will go with any colour scheme. Not only that, they fit flush and will gracefully conceal any signs of age in the window frame so well that the problem simply disappears.

You’ll also be able to control the light that comes into the house to effectively ‘stage’ your home. Of course, you can determine the right amount of light, but you also tastefully conceal any issues, or at least show that they are easily tackled. If a neighbour can see right through your kitchen window, a simple Venetian blind can take care of that right away and a major obstacle to the sale can simply fade into the background.


Of course you might have other reasons to fit the blinds, but when you’re selling a house then you need it to look its best for a sensible outlay. A set of blinds could change the whole look and feel of your house. In fact, you might not want to leave….


Transforming your room designs? Don’t forget this one vital element.

Don’t forget your windows when you’re planning changes to your room designs. As well as providing practical solutions, light control products can make or break the effectiveness of an image overhaul. Plantation shutters are a great option if you’re wanting to transform your interiors; they contribute perfectly to a home design look that’s minimalist, contemporary and decluttered. This week’s featured project shows just how plantation shutters can complete a seamless home refurbishment.

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A private home in London, SE9.
The Project | Shutter installations in the kitchen, hall, landing, nursery and back bedroom.
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would provide a consistent visual to a range of window designs featuring throughout the property.
The Solution | Plantation shutters were designed for the kitchen patio doors, kitchen window, hall, landing, nursery and the back bedroom of the property. With beautiful modern home furnishings in place, they were the ideal product choice for a home that boasts a contemporary interior design with an abundance of white, clean lines and sleek chrome features. All of our crafted plantation shutter designs are full height, crafted from standard hardwood and feature 63mm louvres. All the louvres on the installed shutters for this property are controlled by a central control rod for a seamless look and the option to change your light ingress settings in seconds. These shutter designs are all finished in Silk White and the upper and lower tiers of the shutters were aligned with the split pane designs of the windows. On the shutters designed for the patio doors, the tier separation is centrally positioned half way up the doors frame. These shutters feature bi-folding sections to provide minimal intrusion when they are fully opened up to give full access to the garden.

Like beautiful room designs? Here’s the completed kitchen.

Rooms Designs completed: Kitchen Plantation Shutter Installations by Bromley Blinds Rooms Designs completed: Kitchen Plantation Shutter Installations by Bromley Blinds

Though extremely lightweight to control, plantation shutters are sturdy and their engineered perfect fit within a window frame has the added benefit of energy efficiency; the extra layer is remarkably effective as protection against the elements in the colder weather. Plantation shutters can noticeably reduce and exclude cold drafts coming from window areas during the winter. The greatest advantage of plantation shutters is, however, the ability to control both light and airflow into your home. Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters provide ultimate control over both.

Time to let Boo & Maddie do all the talking…

A very quick update from us this week, just to say that we’re thrilled to have had our work feature on the lifestyle blog, Boo & Maddie. Over the summer, we designed and fitted Plantation Shutters at a home in Grove Park, South East London. This 1930’s 4-bed semi  is currently being lovingly restored by its new owners. There are lots of great interior details planned  – it’s going to be a true work of art when it’s completed!

You can read the blog post that features our contribution to this home renovation project here…and marvel at plenty more Boo & Maddie transformations – here!

Boo & Maddie Blog post - featuring Bromley Blinds

Like the look of these shutters? You can currently make an order of MDF Plantation Shutters and we’ll give you a free upgrade – to designs crafted using white teak, from our elite range. This offer runs throughout the Autumn, and will expire on the 30th November. Considering battening down the hatches as the cold weather sets in? There’s been no better time to order plantation shutters!

Greenwich bathroom Plantation Shutters - Bromley Blinds

Scrubbing up well in Greenwich

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A home in Greenwich, London
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters in a newly refurbished bathroom
The Brief | The window needed dressing in a way that would entirely compliment the clean minimalism of this bathroom and open up the window space, providing a relaxing space for our client to relax and unwind in. The bathroom features a freestanding bath with luxurious white roll-top. It was important that the selected window dressings were bright and improved natural light ingress – whilst maintaining privacy.

Greenwich bathroom Plantation Shutters  - Bromley Blinds

The Solution | Plantation shutters from the Niagara range in pure white were the perfect choice for this Bathroom – the design blends neatly with the white tiling, which creates a slightly industrial look – bang on interiors trend for the SS15 season.

This plantation shutter range is waterproof. The bespoke designs have stainless steel hinges to avoid rust. We installed full height plantation shutters with midrails in this Greenwich bathroom, allowing for the 63mm louvres in the top section to be operated completely separately from those in the lower, using a central control rod. This design of plantation shutters is a great option for bathrooms as privacy is key but light ingress can still be enjoyed.


Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters installed in Bickley - Bromley Blinds

Brightening things up in Bickley

With Wimbledon in full swing, this week has been a really busy one about London town! Today on the blog we’re sharing another of our real home makeovers.

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Bickley, Kent.
The Project | The installation of plantation shutters to a reception room.
The Brief | The intention was to install a light control product that would inject a feeling of space and provide a crisp contrast to the dark green feature wall that features in this room.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters installed in Bickley - Bromley Blinds
The Solution |  We installed tier on tier bi-folding plantation shutters with 63mm louvres and central control rods in the living room, allowing the different sections to be opened and closed exclusively from each other. The wood used to create this bespoke design was white teak. These shutters are from our elite range and they were hand painted in pure white. This range of plantation shutters are supplied with a lifetime warranty to ensure your longterm product peace of mind. Tier on tier shutter designs are ideal for living rooms; particularly those that are front facing in a property. Privacy is provided, whilst enabling a number of options for controlling light ingress.

Crisp white plantation shutters look even more of a brightening and lightening statement in a room that’s got an injection of colour. We love this living room as the dark feature wall (which features the window) is offset by neutral walls on either side – adding another dimension to the interior design of this beautiful Bickley home.

Here’s how Plantation Shutters transformed a period home

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A home in SE22, South East London.
The Project Brief | We were required to select a light control product that would provide coverage to windows in a period home. The rooms in question? The Lounge, Master Bedroom, Children’s bedroom and the Nursery. The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would be versatile in providing privacy to a bay window in the lounge and promote privacy, rest and relaxation in the bedrooms. The selected designs would remain sympathetic to the period features of the house and not obscure the large window designs.

Plantation Shutters finished in Pearl in a lounge in SE22 - Bromley Blinds Plantation Shutters finished in Pearl in SE22 - Bromley Blinds

The Solution| Tier on Tier bi-folding plantation shutters with central control rods were designed and fitted in this period home. Plantation shutters were selected as they would create a seamless visual across all the windows, and this light control solution was sure to perfectly fit each unique window space in this beautifully restored older property. To provide complete continuity, these bi-folding shutter designs all featured 63mm louvres with central control rods. In all rooms we finished the hardwood shutters in pearl to colour match the paintwork and highlight the cornicing details. In the lounge and master bedroom, the upper and lower tiers of the shutters were aligned with the split pane design of the bay windows.

Plantation Shutters for a child's bedroom finished in Pearl in SE22 - Bromley Blinds Plantation Shutters finished in Pearl for a nursery in SE22 - Bromley Blinds

The Lounge Improvement You Should Be Focusing On

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A home in Petts Wood, BR2, Kent.
The Project Brief | We were required to select a light control product that would provide coverage to the lounge window. This home features a large four pane window, the right side of which creates a bay. The window needed dressing in a way that would modernise the look and feel of the lounge, open up the window spaces, and maximise options for privacy. This was particularly important due to the positioning of furniture in the living room; there is seating in front of the window that would benefit from a product that enhances coverage and promotes a feeling of rest and relaxation.
The Solution |We know there’s nothing worse than feeling like a goldfish. Standard hardwood full height plantation shutters were designed for the lounge window. These were finished in Pure White and featured 63mm louvres. Unlike blinds and curtains, plantation shutters are installed within the window frame and don’t intrude into a room; an important consideration for spaces where uncluttered, clean lines are desired. The plantation shutters provide a streamlined look and lift the look of the room, injecting a modern feel. Although full height, we designed a mid rail which is separates the upper and lower sections of the shutters so that they can be independently controlled. This provides a lot of different privacy setting options. These tier sections were aligned with the split pane design windows.

Petts Wood Lounge Plantation Shutters - Bromley Blinds

Flip that furniture – five top renovation projects

Whether a gift from a well-meaning relative, or a rash online purchase, you might have been lumbered with a piece of furniture that doesn’t exactly match your home’s style. We see it all the time on our visits to homes around London and the South East. What we also see it this: a truck-load of furniture renovation projects that are truly inspirational! 

There’s no need to write off these seemingly unattractive pieces of furniture – here are five tips, tricks and ideas for your next furniture flip:

1. The pretty painted sofa makeover

A splash of colour can boost any home’s interior design, and the same goes for your furniture. A new renovation trend currently sweeping the internet is painting upholstered furniture to give it a new lease of life.

This wonderful chair demonstrates the sort of results you can get from using a pot of house paint (yes, house paint) mixed with a fabric medium and a few recovered cushions. Check out this amazing Pinterest board for more painted upholstery inspiration.

2. Rescue vintage metal furniture

Flea markets, car boot sales and the like are great places to find some vintage metal furniture gems. While some people are fine with such vintage pieces showing their age, this site shows that they do look mighty fine when refurbished.

3. Fixing up a washstand

Washstands might not seem like the most modern pieces of furniture, but an upcycled, antique washstand can lift your guest room with its unique style. This lovingly restored beauty is a great example of a loving furniture renovation project, or you can even create your own washstand in a few simple steps.

4. Sweet dreams

Changing your headboard can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom, and it need not cost the earth either. Better Homes & Garden is a great go-to source for headboard ideas, especially if you want to do it yourself. This post features some of my favourite DIY headboard renovations that use everyday items to create a simple and chic style. Country Living also offers this adorable Birdhouse Headboard and the coordinating colours used in this design offer a timeless, elegant style.

Furniture Renovation on http://www.bhg.com featured by Bromley Blinds

Headboard Renovation featured on http://www.bhg.com

5. Chalkboard tables

We’ve seen chalkboard walls, calendars and fridges, but sprucing up a humdrum table into a chalkboard table adds an element of entertainment to any meal time. The process is pretty simple. Just sand the table, prime it and paint with a couple of layers of mixed grey chalkboard paint. Then allow the surface to cure for a few days to avoid any scratches before testing it out on a dinner party.

Decorating? Here’s our foolproof guide to Pantone’s Glacier Gray.

PANTONE describes  its 14-4102 Glacier Gray as “an unobtrusive grey that contrasts and enhances; bouncing off other shades without taking away from them as it slips into the background to allow other colours to take centre stage. Nature’s most perfect neutral, Glacier Gray is a shade that is timeless. Quietly assuring and peacefully relaxing, Glacier Gray, is above all, constant”

Glacier Grey features as one of Pantone’s showcase colours this spring. Grey interiors are hot news in 2015; interior trends are promoting eclectic combinations and this colour works with them all, whether they be an array of pastels, brights, or natural colours. Glacier Gray’s light shade makes it the perfect choice for interiors. Grey can be used on its own as a natural hue making a subtle statement, or form the perfect accompaniment to vibrant colours such as yellow, coral and purple. With our frequent visits to many homes and offices for consultations and product installations, we’ve certainly been seeing a lot of Glacier Gray (or pots of it poised to be painted onto your walls!). This colour trend is enjoying enormous popularity in London homes and offices!

Planning a makeover this spring?

If Grey is your thing, the wonderfully unobtrusive Pantone SS15 shade makes a statement without appearing glum or overbearing. In fact, it really injects a room with its strong, yet understated tones. This is a timeless hue that works so well contrasting and enhancing other shades of colour, allowing them to be the centre of attention. Working a treat in small rooms, the inconspicuous Glacier Gray, mixed with white, really gives the illusion of more space.

Wondering what to pair Glacier Gray with?

We think this Pantone SS15 shade works brilliantly with a dark hardwood floor to add warmth. If flooring changes aren’t an option, just by adding some brightly shaded cushions or other bold room accessories will inject colour tones. The beauty of this colour is its ability to give an overall feeling of light and space. It truly ‘opens up’ the look of a room and gives the whole look a thicker, statement texture. The finishing touches? Freshly decorated rooms are perfected by adding contrasting plantation shutters (we suggest pure white!) which provide stark, crisp contrast to the grey tones. The placement of white next to a natural light source, maintains a balanced and airy decor.

White plantation shutters just seem to work fabulously with a predominantly Glacier Gray colour scheme – every time! And in every room in the house!

Glacier Gray Pantone Bromley Blinds Design Inspiration