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How you can improve the quality of your sleep

The quality of our sleep has a huge impact on our general health. Now, through wearable technology, individual sleep tracking is accessible to us all, revealing the patterns of our slumbers for daily analysis. Whilst gathering nightly statistics may not be of interest to everyone, having a good nights sleep is certainly something we all need. Take a look at what you can do to get the most from your sleep – you might be surprised to learn how much of an impact your blinds (or lack of!) can have.

Sleeplessness factors

It is evident that a variety of different factors affect sleep but it is also true that many of these are within our control. Applying small changes to your routine and environment can make a big difference to how well you sleep.

1) Light pollution

A light room is the enemy of good sleep, as light can leak in around certain blinds or through curtains and keep you awake. This is particularly problematic for those of us living in street-lit areas. An easy solution is to fit good quality blackout blinds in all of your bedrooms. These specially designed blinds will keep the room dark so that your body knows it is time for sleep.

2) Strong colours

Colour has an influence on how we feel in a room. Avoid heavy purples or blacks and make your bedroom a restful haven by introducing colours known for their meditative effect. Soft blues, pale yellows and greens are all great choices. Finish off your tranquil colour scheme with a coordinating blackout blind and meet two key sleep goals in one!

3) Dehydration and stimulants

Most of us are aware that alcohol and caffeine affects our sleep but these are hard habits to break. Many of us even convince ourselves that wine promotes good sleep but unfortunately an early snooze soon leads to disrupted sleep. Try to minimise the timing and frequency of consumption if you want to sleep soundly. It could be time to switch to decaffeinated tea or coffee to drink from afternoon onward.

Let Bromley Blinds remove unnecessary light from your bedroom. Our range of high quality blackout blinds look great and will help to improve the quality of your sleep. Contact us now for a free quote.


Get a better sleep with blackout blinds

The longer hours of daylight during the summer months are always welcomed, yet they can have an adverse effect on our body clocks. Anyone who has ever tried to persuade a toddler that it is bedtime when it is bright and sunny outside will appreciate this dilemma! Likewise, sunrise at 4.45am may not be the ideal time to wake up, but with light or transparent window coverings, a light-flooded room is almost bound to stir the sleeper. Centuries of evolution have programmed us to respond to the shift from day to night, but too little sleep can cause health problems. The solution is to learn to love the dark. Blackout blinds in the bedroom can extend a natural night’s rest considerably, and may be of particular benefit to babies and young children.

Our lives are more brightly lit than ever before, with or without the extra hours of summertime sunshine. Many of us have electronic gadgets, emitting blue light, plugged in overnight, and these can interfere with deep restorative sleep. Street lights, for those in urban areas, are impossible to control, and all the light sources inside the home can be damaging our internal rhythms, without us even realising. Dimming lights in the evening can help the mind and body prepare for the wind-down that is the precursor to a decent sleep.

Blackout blinds are supremely effective at creating total darkness, which is the ideal condition for bodily processes such as production of melatonin and other hormones. All sorts of tasks, like muscle repair, consolidation of memories and regulation of metabolism, take place in those hours of blackness. We all know how well-being is improved after a refreshing and decent night of slumber, and losing just 30 minutes every night can cause damage to these essential patterns of recovery. Blackout blinds are also ideal for anyone who needs to take a nap in the daytime, like shift workers and nursing mothers.

Blackout blinds are available in all colours to suit a room’s décor, and are simple to fit and install. By guaranteeing a long, natural and healthy night’s sleep, whatever the time of year, they are a great investment for quality slumber.

600 x 400 blackout 2


Waking too early? We’ve got a summer discount for that…

Whether your home features curtains, blinds or shutters, light control products are always important, particularly in bedrooms where maintaining a calming environment is the main priority for a good night’s sleep. The good news is that we now offer ALL of these products as blackout options for your home – with a 20% discount until 31st July 2015!

Blackout Blinds summer discount 2015 - by Bromley Blinds

Enjoy complete rest and relaxation this summer

Black out blinds, plantation shutters and curtains give such good coverage that you need a torch to be able to see around a room. They offer up to 98% coverage from light and provide the ultimate result of completely undisturbed sleep – whenever you’re choosing to slumber. This is especially useful if your house is home to young children or night workers – or you’re simply looking to enhance a feeling of rest and relaxation.

How do these blackout products work?

Black out roller blinds and curtains are made of special fabric to block out light, whilst our plantation shutter options incorporate a blackout blind which is neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane behind your shutter fittings. This completely obscures them from visibility, unless in use. All of our blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee. This is an essential element of the product specification which you should be offered – by law, if you’re making a blinds purchase. You can read more about this here.

Until then, enjoy the summer discount!



This is how to celebrate Small Business Saturday

Our phones haven’t stopped ringing since we announced our festive offer. There’s been a huge demand for our Blinds & Curtains, which is particularly pleasing seeing as we were celebrating Small Business Saturday this weekend. So, how did we choose to celebrate? In the style we know you’ll love best: by launching yet another festive offer.

Yes; our existing offer to you has acquired a partner (because it’s not just penguins that need a friend this Christmas).

Celebrate Small Business Saturday: with an offer on S:CRAFT Shutters

Our range of S:Craft Plantation Shutters offers different options of design and a number of stained and painted colour finishes. We can also colour match and produce a bespoke shade of paint for your plantation shutters that will blend perfectly with your interiors. Coloured plantation shutters make an artistic feature of your light control solutions and draw real attention to your windows. They are ideal for an interiors overhaul, especially if you want to revamp your home or office without the need for an expensive decorating job.

If you’re looking for blinds or curtains as a light control solution for your home, don’t forget we don’t just serve up block colour options. We’re suppliers of patterns, stripes, spots and high fashion themes; they total over 600 colour & design choices. Don’t forget: we also offer blackout & dim out blinds in these different designs too!

Celebrate and layer up this winter

Remember that you can combine ALL our festive offers for the ultimate savings this winter! Plantation Shutters work really well alongside Curtains, whilst our blackout blinds are neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane, behind your shutter fittings. This obscures them from visibility unless in use. All our blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee. You can read more about this here.

Are you following us on Instagram? We’ve got many more pictures of our recent work here.  For more home makeover inspiration, you can also follow us on Pinterest. If you fancy some expert advice, plus the chance to view our full catalogues, feel free to contact our office to arrange a free no-obligation consultation so that you can make a completely informed interior design decision!

Blackout blinds? They don’t need to be boring!

The mention of Blackout Blinds can have a habit of conjuring up this kind of image…

Blackout Blinds in Acacia-Black sold by Bromley Blinds

Black coloured blackout blinds can definitely work beautifully in your home! But, did you know that we offer blackout & dim out blinds in over 600 colour & pattern choices? There’s truly something for everyone – whatever your interior design desires!

Striped Blackout Blinds Fabrics available from Bromley Blinds

Blackout Blind Fabrics Colour Blocks

Blackout Blinds Patterned Fabrics for Roller Blinds

Whether you’re home features curtains, blinds or shutters, light control products are always important, particularly in bedrooms where maintaining a calming environment is the main priority for a good night’s sleep.

Blackout Blinds Advertisement by Bromley BlindsWhen in action, black out blinds give such good coverage that you need a torch to see around the room. The result? Undisturbed sleep, whenever you’re choosing to slumber, be it day or night. This is especially useful if your house is home to young children or night workers!

It’s so  important that window dressings are able to effectively maintain a calming environment to promote rest and relaxation. Roller blinds have been showcased in this week’s blog post, but we also design blackout blinds that are teamed with your plantation shutters to provide complete light control coverage. To ensure sleep quality is maximised year-round, blackout blinds can be neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane behind your shutter fittings, thus obscuring them from visibility unless in use. All our blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee. You can read more about this here.

Are you following us on Instagram? We’ve got many more pictures of blackout blinds on here.  If you want to view our catalogue which is crammed full of material designs, feel free to contact our office to arrange a free no-obligation consultation so that you can make a completely informed interior design decision!

For fans of Pinterest, our new board features fabrics available for black out roller blinds.

Follow Bromley Blinds’s board Blackout Blind Fabrics on Pinterest.

Image Credits: Roller fabrics images are courtesy of two of our suppliers, The Fabric Box & Arena.

The biggest trend we’ve seen in Chislehurst this year?

Returning Customers! We love reconnecting with previous clients and have welcomed many back to ‘current customer’ status in the past few months. Many have been benefiting from huge exclusive online offers available to the clients on our mailing list. (If you’ve missed out on recent correspondence and would like to added to our mailing list, drop us an email at office@bromley-blinds.co.uk – we look forward to keeping in touch!) This week we feature a lovely home in Chislehurst, which has been a really popular area for shutter and blinds installations over the last year  – including a lot of new orders from ‘old’ clients!

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent ProjectThe Location | A private home in Chislehurst, Kent. Its owners are returning customers; Bromley Blinds installed light control solutions at their previous house. It’s been great to design features at their new address!
The Project | Shutter installations in the Playroom, Lounge, Master Bedroom, Back Bedroom, Front Bedroom, Landing, Study, Top Floor Spare Bedroom, Top floor and 1st floor bathrooms, Baby’s Bedroom.

Home in Chislehurst Before Shutter Installation by Bro
The Brief | The focus of this project was to design an effective light control solution that would provide a consistent theme throughout this property. The selected designs would remain sympathetic to the period features of the house and not obscure the large window designs.

The Solution| With a host of rooms to design for, it was crucial to find a light control solution that would consistently work across all floors of the house and look the same thematically but be crafted out of materials that were entirely suitable for the different room environments. In the Playroom we installed MDF S Craft Antigua, 63mm louvres in a cafe style with a central tilt and finished in creamy white. The Lounge windows and french doors were crafted in hardwood S Craft Cuba, cafe style and also featured 63mm louvres and central tilt rods in Creamy White. The french doors featured a special cut out for the handle. In a back bedroom we designed full height shutters in S Craft Cuba Hardwood, with 63mm louvres and a central tilt in Creamy white. In one of the front bedrooms  we inserted full height shutters from our MDF S Craft Antigua range. These were also designed with 63mm louvres, a central tilt and a finish in Creamy white.

Bromley Blinds Plantation Shutter Installation in a Chislehurst home Shutters by Bromley Blinds for French Doors and Bay Window Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds for Reception Room with Dual Aspect Windows and DoorRiches Bedroom with dual aspect windows

The Master bedroom featured full length plantation shutters from our MDF S Craft Antigua range. These also featured a full height blackout, with 63mm louvres and a central tilt, finished in creamy white. On the Landing shutters were also crafted from MDF S Craft Antigua, Cafe Style with 63mm louvres, and a central tilt, in creamy White. The Study featured full height shutters of the same specification. In the top floor spare bedroom, the designs were the same but with the additional benefit of full height blackouts. Likewise, the baby’s bedroom was fitted with shutters of the same specification but with the additional layer of Khaki Pleated Blackout blinds, for maximum comfort! The top floor and 1st floor bathrooms  were crafted from specialist material; S Craft Moisture resistant ABS. These were cafe style with 63mm louvres, and again featured a central tilt and a finish of Creamy White

Plantation Shutters by Bromley BlindsBathroom Plantation Shutters by Bromley Blinds

The biggest problem with your child’s bedroom, and how you can fix it.

Last month, we posted this update on our Facebook page:

Bromley Blinds Facebook Status Update May 14th 2014

It sparked a lot of calls direct to our office! One of the results was this design and installation:

Bromley Blinds Real Home Recent Project

The Location | A home in Chislehurst, Kent
The Project | The installation of light control solutions in a baby’s nursery.
The Brief | Two windows needed dressing in a way that would modernise the look and feel of this bedroom and open up the window spaces, creating more space than the existing floor length curtains enabled. The focus on light control coverage was really important too. The nursery is very bright and the wealth of light flooding into it on summer evenings and then very early mornings, was proving a total distraction to normal sleeping routines. It was important that the new window dressings were able to effectively maintain a calming environment to promote rest and relaxation. Safety was also of paramount importance; it was essential that newly installed products were entirely suitable for the smallest of customers!

Bromley Blinds Before Shot: Nursery Installation

The Solution | Plantation shutters and black out blinds were designed for the nursery windows. To ensure sleep quality is maximised year-round, blackout blinds in white were neatly fixed into the inset of the window pane behind the shutter fittings, thus obscuring them from visibility unless in use. Plantation shutters were selected as they would create a seamless visual across all the windows, and this light control solution could be designed to perfectly fit each unique window space. To provide complete continuity, shutter designs all featured 63mm louvres with hidden control rods to enhance the visual of the open window spaces and fully accommodate light ingress. The colour selected for the shutters was silk white, to match the paintwork of the window frames. The nursery windows were fitted with full height shutters with a mid rail that is aligned to the design of the windowpanes. Although the dual aspect windows are separated by a small centre wall, the plantation shutters are thoughtfully designed to open out symmetrically to each side of the two windows as a whole, thus making the most of their visual effect when fully open. Shutters were supplied with a lifetime warranty and the blackout blinds feature a Child safe guarantee.

The Verdict | Our clients were absolutely delighted with their new plantation shutters, and ordered full sets for lounge, their own bedroom, and study to match! The special bonus (and the reason for their call to us in the first place!) has been the effect of the blackout blinds! When in action, black out blinds give such good coverage that you need a torch to see around the room. The result? Our clients no longer have a baby that wakes at 5.20am daily! In fact, the whole family has been benefitting from an extra hour and a half of sleep nightly because of this design and installation, which we are told has been worth every single penny – at least twice over!

Bromley Blinds Plantation Shutters and Black Out Blinds Nursery Installation

We love designing light control solutions for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for our smallest customers’ bedrooms, due to their exact fit and sturdy design. Unlike curtains or fabric blinds, they are difficult to swing on(!) and really easy to clean too, making them ideal for coping with curious little customers! Plantation shutters give excellent coverage and the blackout blinds that can accompany them are all in complete compliance with the latest EU Child Safety regulations. For more information on how our products protect your children, read here.

Shutter selections for your child’s room can be really varied. We particularly love bespoke colours that are matched to bright interiors, as they make a real feature of the windows in a room. To look at more children’s bedroom design inspiration, follow our board over on Pinterest.

Follow Bromley Blinds’s board Children’s bedrooms inspiration on Pinterest.