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5 Horrible mistakes you can make with plantation shutters

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The majority of our real home and office projects feature a product changeover in light control solutions e.g. moving from curtains dressing windows to plantation shutters. Other projects plan light control solutions for previously undressed windows, such as those created by a building refurbishment.

Then there have been some recent SOS missions, (Sorting Out [Existing] Shutters). Bromley Blinds surveyors have been asked to visit prospective clients who have unfortunately made a mistake whilst attempting DIY plantation shutters fitting and installations, or – even worse, have previously employed the services of another business who have failed to deliver the desired results.

Unfortunately, this can be costly. The remedial work involved to correct plantation shutter errors can often totally undermine a client’s original intentions to complete a low-cost installation.

Here’s our roundup of 5 horrible mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1. Incorrect measurements. No window is a perfect square or rectangle. Unlike measuring up roller blinds or curtains that don’t require an exact fit, the surveying process for plantation shutters requires very skilled measurements. In order to fit perfectly (and stay that way over time), a plantation shutter cannot be measured incorrectly in excess of even a millimetre in order to ensure its total success as an effective light control solution. Here at Bromley Blinds HQ, we complete surveys on your home twice in preparation for ordering your bespoke plantation shutters. We initially visit prior to submitting your initial quotation and then once again at the point of precisely measuring up the agreed product. Our checking process is strictly monitored and reviewed, and undertaken only by our highly trained surveyors who form part of our experienced product design team.

2. Selection of the wrong shutter construction type. Check the construction type of your chosen plantation shutter product. Variation can be found in every part of a shutter’s anatomy. Material selections, joints, tension systems and hardware finishes are integral to the effectiveness of your shutters. Each window requires review as different shutter types have totally individual strengths and weaknesses that dictate their suitability. Got it wrong? You could be staring at sagging shutters on a big window which can’t take the strain of protecting your panes.

3. Purchases that don’t consider window environment. Is your shutter required for use in a bathroom? If so, you’ll need a range that is waterproof and has stainless steel hinges to avoid rust. Looking for coverage of a window space that’s continuously sun-kissed? You’ll need a specially crafted range that won’t warp in the heat. Purchase plantations shutters that are designed to be suitable for your particular window environment. Always employ the services of a business that sells a large selection of shutter ranges that are suitable for all different purposes. One or two types stocked by some businesses most definitely do not provide a best-fit for all.

4. An unreliable warranty. Designed and installed correctly, plantation shutters are a real asset to your home. As a fitted fixture, they should contribute to its added value. Your plantation shutters should be supplied with a comprehensive guarantee that supports their quality. Any business that does not offer this is immediately questionable. Remember, too, that a warranty is only good as long as the business that provided it is still in existence and therefore remains accountable to its promise. A business that seems too good to be true can unfortunately often be the first to become a quickly dissolved company.

5. Reliance on an inaccurate installation. Think you’re cut out for designing and installing plantation shutters to your home? Beware of the pitfalls before you pick up a drill. High-up locations, hard to reach windows and unforeseen awkward angles have all been reasons that we’ve received phone calls from members of the public in a big panic. Unfortunately, even if you’ve correctly measured up and received your delivery of bespoke shutters successfully, the prospect of fitting them can loom ominously. They’re a significant investment and non-returnable if things go wrong. The best solution is to ensure you have a reputable and experienced company sizing up and installing your shutters. At Bromley Blinds we offer survey, design and installation as entirely free services. You pay only for your chosen products. We are also never knowingly undersold and will unreservedly match any written quotation you have received for the same product specification.


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