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Blackout Blinds

Do Shutters Provide Blackout? There is not a window treatment available that can create a 100% blackout due to the very nature of how light works. Indeed a room would have to be without windows and doors as light will find any tiny little crevice to filter through. However, without any doubt, blackout shutters are the very best solution available. Because they are made-to-measure, light bleed is minimised and they create a very dark environment when closed as there is no fabric for light to filter through.

Blackout Blinds Fitted With Shutters

Blackout shutters when combined with blackout blinds will give the ultimate that can be achieved, as any light bleed from one will be virtually cancelled out by the other. Choose blinds such as the S:CRAFT PURE Cell Honeycomb, as not only are they versatile, there is a day and night option which combines two materials – one black and the other opaque – to use depending on the time of day and the amount of blackout required. Use these together with blackout shutters and daytime naps and street lighting will no longer be a problem as the combined result is extremely effective.

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Blackout Blinds fitted in Bromley, London & Croydon

Blackout Blinds in Acacia-Black sold by Bromley Blinds
We are able to supply and fit blackout blinds in London, Bromley, Croydon, Kent & Surrey.