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Light Control

With shutters you are in total control of the amount of light to let in your room. By simply moving the louvres in the panel and by opening or closing the panels, you can decide how much light to let in. In addition, with the new blackout shutters you could achieve virtually 100% blackout in the room. 


By moving the louvres in the shutter panels you can decide the level of privacy you want to achieve without taking the light out of your room. This is the perfect solution for rooms on basement floors or at street level. 


Insulating and thermally dynamic wood shutters reduce heat loss by an astonishing 51%. This is why many households are now choosing shutters instead of curtains. In addition, by adding a layer of shutters in front of your windows you can improve the sound insulation of your room. 


Shutters are stylish and elegant. They blend with the shape of your windows and open up the space around them, making the room look bigger. Shutters can also be made to fit most window sizes or shapes, including gambles and arches. 

Low Maintenance

Shutters are easy to clean and to maintain. Unlike other window coverings they do not need dry cleaning. They gather very little dust which can be easily brushed off. So if you suffer from dust allergies, you will love them! 

Safety & Security

If there are small children around your house, shutters are one of the safest options because they do not have cords or chains.

Shutters also provide an effective way to put off burglars, as they increase the level of security of your home.